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Smart City Solutions with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables cities and administrations to transform resource management, governance, citizen services, and security. IoT, combined with the ability to acquire, ingest, and derive insight from streaming data, is already delivering enhanced experiences for citizens, improving the quality of life, and making economic growth sustainable. Tech Mahindra’s portfolio of IoT powered Smart City solutions equip cities, economic zones, and urban planners to weave the benefits of connectivity, data, and analytics into their very fabric.

Tech Mahindra IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

As a System Integrator for the connected world, Tech Mahindra’s solutions span the spectrum of needs for Smart Cities. Combined with our global Managed Services capabilities and an industry leading ecosystem of partners, we are a single window partner for concept to roll out to management for Smart City solutions. Some of our solutions include:

  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Smart Automated Meter Reading
  • Smart Bins
  • Integrated Command and Control Centre


  • Measure and reduce energy usage across buildings
  • Enhance Citizen Experience through smart mobility applications
  • Prevent vandalism and theft
  • Assure security within zones
  • Monitor and manage large areas centrally

Point of View

Predictive Policing 

Crime prediction is a topic of special interest across the fields of Criminology, Smart City, Law Enforcement departments and Data Science. This article will give you insights on leveraging Data Analytics & Machine Learning for identifying, parameterizing and predicting crime hotspots; by detecting the underlying patterns in the crime incident data. The objective is to give a bird’s eye view of a concept developed by Tech Mahindra Analytics Competency for the law enforcement departments, demonstrating the approach, outcome and the value proposition of predictive policing.

Smart City Gandhinagar - powered by Tech Mahindra



Towards a sustainable & connected future with IoT

Towards a sustainable & connected future with IoT
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