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Tech Mahindra has put together a strategy that enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and objectives. Whether it’s green IT or technology based solutions that enable sustainable business practices or green engineering solutions, we are strategically positioned to enable our customers to reach and exceed their sustainability goals.



 - Green Data Centers

Green Data Centers

Data Centers today are responsible for approximately 2% of global Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

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 - Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management

Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management

As organizations look to consolidate and bring sustainability related data under one roof, they are increasingly being flooded with enormous amount of data.

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 - Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions

California Public Utilities Commission set a precedent by passing a ‘Renewable Portfolio Standard’ that requires utilities to increase procurement from renewable energy resources to 33 percent by 2020.

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 - Smart Grid

Smart Grid

While the purview of Smart Grid is beyond Sustainability, we believe that smart grid will play a crucial role as we move towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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 - Energy Audit

Energy Audit

With the dramatic spike in energy costs over the last decade and the intense focus on reducing GHG emissions, energy efficiency has become the hot topic of board room discussions across the world.

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Environmental Compliance Solutions

 - Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

Environment, Health, and Safety Management solution supports compliance in product safety, dangerous goods management, hazardous substance management, industrial hygiene and safety, occupational health and waste management

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 - REACH Compliance Management

REACH Compliance Management

REACH specifically applies to all chemical substances that are manufactured in, or imported into, the European Union (EU) for ownership or further conversion into finished products.

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 - Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance (EC) helps run operations in an environmentally responsible manner, comply with regulations affecting air, water and land, monitor facility emissions, maintain emissions accounting and fulfill regulatory obligations.

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