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Legacy Modernization & Application Migration

Tech Mahindra Legacy Modernization services address the needs of customers for conversion, rewriting or porting of legacy systems usually mainframe technologies to a modern platform such as Java and .NET.

Our Application Migration services also cover moving applications from an older version to the newer version (For example, .Net Framework 1.1 to 4.5) or rewriting the legacy application using a modern application framework. (For example, Oracle Forms to Java).

  • Application modernization services to reduce high maintenance costs of current IT environment
  • Overcome challenges due to the lack of resources with specialized skill sets
  • Modernization services for seamless interoperability among disparate systems
  • Enable scalability and functionality in the current systems
  • Agility to incorporate new features rapidly
  • Scale up for next generation requirements
  • Legacy Modernization Options
    • Webification using Presentation Level Integration
      • Secure browser based emulation to mainframe converting host screens to a Web look and feel
    • Re-hosting
      • Migrating the application from mainframe to a compatible software stack on an open-systems platform such as Windows/Linux/Unix, preserving the language and middleware services
      • Business logic and data of legacy mainframe applications remains intact in the new platform
    • Re-platform (Re-write/Re-engineer)
      • Converting legacy applications (Cobol, Coolgen, Visual Basic, Power Builder, C++ etc) to multi tier applications, based on J2EE or Dot Net
    • Business Process driven Integration
      • Transforming legacy application into an n-tiered application, preserving core business functionality of the legacy system and using SOA based integration
  • Application Migration Approach
    • Tool assisted and manual conversion
  • Frameworks for supporting different types of modernization: Webification, Re-hosting, Re-platforming and Business Process driven Integration
  • Standard Frameworks for Reverse and Forward engineering for manual migration
  • Reverse engineering of legacy code using MicroFocus Reengineering Workbench
  • Alliances with product vendors for tool assisted application conversion such as Ciphersoft for OracleForms to Java, ResQsoft for Mainframe to Java
  • Capacity planning to scale up for future requirements
  • Tools for code analysis, code and database migration Estimation and Sizing Tools
  • Cost savings using open platforms
  • Faster migration using proven migration frameworks, tools and reusable artifacts
  • Re-hosting services to help in reducing the TCO considerably
  • Flexible architecture for future scalability leveraging SOA based solution design


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