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Business Analytics

Business Analytics helps transform organizational data across silos into useful business insights and drive the business value by leveraging our business consulting capabilities.

Our Business Analytics solutions address two key objectives of a business: Cost Minimization and Revenue Maximization i.e. cost is reduced and revenue is enhanced. As a result, operational efficiency, customer experience, sales and marketing, customer care and strategic investments improve.

  • Deep business domain knowledge that leverages the knowledge of:
    • Data sources
    • Correlation requirements to produce analytical insights to transform business processes
    • Revenue generation, impacting analytics channelization
  • Advanced analytics models that impact multiple organizational functions include:
    • Marketing
      • Customer Acquisition Analytics
      • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Analytics
      • Marketing Uplift and Campaign Response Analytics
      • Product Portfolio Optimization Analytics
      • Marketing Operations Analytics
      • Customer Lifetime Value Analytics
    • Sales
      • Media Mix Models
      • Price Elasticity Modeling
      • Target Clusters, Segments
      • Channel Partner/ Dealer Sales Analytics
    • Customer Care
      • Churn Prediction Analytics
      • Customer Service Improvement Analytics
      • Customer Experience Analytics
    • Network/Information
      • Predictive Maintenance Analytics
      • Network Optimization Analytics
      • Quality of Service (QoS) Analytics
    • Finance
      • Preventive Fraud Analytics
      • Credit and Exposure Analytics
      • Collections Analytics
    • Organizational Level
      • Operational Efficiency Improvement Analytics
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