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Tech mahindra

Program Management

There is an increasing need for program management to support and control roles in organizations. This is important to have an end-to-end visibility, mitigate risks or issues and control schedule, cost and budget variance.

Telecom companies typically have multiple programs running at any point of time. Among these programs, there are a few that are critical to fulfil the organization’s strategic objectives such as new product or service launches, system improvement, customer satisfaction improvement, revenue growth and cost reduction. Program management office has an important role to enable strategic decision making, manage organization change, strategic communications, program risks and dependencies.

Our Approach

  • Provide the control and support necessary to achieve project success through a team of highly dedicated and qualified resources
  • Ease out the management of interdependencies, risks and issues through a focused enterprise view
  • Facilitate coordination and communication across multiple work streams and functional areas, enabling well-informed decision making

Value Proposition

  • End-to-end program control and management
  • High-impact value delivery to customers identifying and mitigating business risks or dependency
  • Identifying and executing business benefit case for the program
  • Identifying and leveraging best practices across the program
  • Mitigating cross-project operational risk
  • Effective up-skilling and communication
  • Streamlining business-as-usual processes
  • Providing opportunity to standardize business processes
  • Addressing non-value-add activities and organizational restructure
  • Managing organization change requirements
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