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Revenue Assurance Consulting

Our Revenue Assurance offering is designed to help telecom companies in identifying and preventing revenue leakage and hence improving revenue generation. The offering also helps in improving efficiency at all points in the order-to-cash journey and enhancing cash flow by billing accurately on a timely basis, improving the effectiveness of cash collection processes, identifying system and process gaps, removing these gaps and reducing operating costs.

Approaches for Revenue Assurance:

  • Proactive Revenue Assurance
    • Implements controls and other measures in advance to prevent problems
    • Makes changes in processes and systems before leakage occurs
  • Reactive Revenue Assurance
    • Detects revenue leakage after it occurs
    • Identifies and resolves the causes of revenue loss
    • Tries to recover the losses once leakage is detected
  • Active Revenue Assurance
    • Addresses problems as they occur
    • Initiates corrective responses prior to incurring any loss
    • Monitors the actual business processes in real time
    • Helps in correcting the leakage before it causes any damage
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