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Tech mahindra

Application Portfolio Optimization

The Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) offering is designed to help telecom companies meet challenges and transform application portfolios to closely align to the business needs and respond quickly to business change.


Objectives of APO

  • Strategic alignment
    • Investing capital on those programs that fulfill or support business objectives and goals
    • Allocate ‘OPEX’ / ‘RUN’ budget on maintaining assets that are still relevant for the business
  • Managing risk
    • Identifying and assessing the risk factors impacting the investment
    • Integrating with the Enterprise Risk Management policies
  • Delivering optimal business value
    • Prioritizing and maintaining a balance between “Risk” and “Return” from investment and maximizing Information Technology (IT) value
    • Ensuring that cost and benefit estimates are accurate and periodically reviewed
  • Performance monitoring and management
    • Ensuring that IT-enabled investments are managed through their full economic life cycle so that value is optimized
    • Integrating planning, execution and realization phases in terms of governance and control
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