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Lean IT Transformation

In current economic scenario, organizations are facing operational efficiency issues with large and complex Information Technology (IT) processes cutting across geographies and functional areas. These processes inherently have a significant number of non-value-added activities causing reduction in operational efficiency, high operating expense (OPEX), revenue leakage, customer dissatisfaction and high customer churn. These factors directly impact the revenues and profitability of the organization.

Our Lean IT Transformation offering can help organizations to transform into a lean organization by imbibing the lean culture into their IT operations. The offering enables organization to overcome the business challenges and develop a competitive advantage in a highly commoditized market.


Offering Objectives

  • To define strategic business improvement priorities that would enable an organization to develop a business advantage in the market
  • To reduce the number of non-value-added activities in the IT processes to achieve significant reduction in the cost of failures and increase productivity, thereby helping organizations to improve competitive position in the market
  • To reduce the cycle time for various IT operational processes
  • To enhance customer experience by improving the services delivered to the customers
  • To establish a lean and continuous improvement culture within the operational community
  • To standardize IT operational processes across functional areas to achieve benefits across the organization
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