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Tech mahindra

Vendor Rationalization

Rising operational costs due to increase in sub-contractors and vendors proliferation, along with a charge to “do more with less,” forces organizations to identify effective strategies to reduce spending. We understand that this is particularly true to telecom companies when it comes to sub-contractor and vendor management related operating expense (OPEX). We offer a strategic approach to resolve this problem. The solution helps on two counts:

  • To rationalize the sub-contractors in various enterprise accounts and thus optimize sub-contractor cost
  • To re-engineer the vendor management operating model and rationalize large number of vendors that telecom companies have. This re-engineering can be achieved by setting up a Tech Mahindra primed vendor management function and our unique One Gate Process (OGP) for in-life contractor resource fulfillment

Key Drivers

  • High operating costs
  • High cycle time for procurement
  • High opportunity costs due to delayed procurements
  • Liquidity damage or penalties
  • Localized processes for procurement causing inefficiencies and high overhead

Our Approach

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