Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Operational Deployment of Product Launches

We can help to systematically structure and effect the change. We can guide the program through each stage of Change Management and produce measurable output that can be used by organizations to make decisions to effect the change.

Major Challenges for Service Provider

  • Increasing competition from existing telecom companies
  • Moving to the next generation, converged products
  • Meeting customer expectations for efficient support and service
  • Optimizing cost

Our Expertise

  • We bring together process, systems, networks and solutions to build and deliver applications and products that are critical to the customer’s success
  • We focus on the complete cycle from requirement gathering, planning, to successful and predictable launches of the products
  • We provide efficient way of business process improvement on products and services to reduce the cycle time, while improving quality

Where We Can Help?

Our Service Design Capability helps the service providers to:

  • Analyze improvements to existing services
  • Plan for future product enhancements and product launches
  • Optimize cost through process and system automations
  • Reduce time to market using repeatable solutions
For further information please write to

For further information please write to