Tech mahindra
Tech mahindra

Ticket Volume Reduction

Ticket Volume Reduction (TVR) helps to:

  • Reduce significantly the number of incident tickets handled
  • Establish a continuous improvement capability that drives the initial volume reduction, then further reductions for future gains
  • Provide sustainable increase in customer experience by reducing preventable service that impacts tickets
  • Reduce cost to serve by increasing the available capacity or through resource realignment to alternative duties and functions

Success Story: TVR for a Leading Indian Telecom Operator

  • 15 percent reduction of incidents that helped reduce cost
  • Improved customer experience (CE) with focus on real issues
  • Improved meantime to repair (MTTR) due to increased focus on real issue
  • Known Error Database (KEDB) that reduces cost and MTTR
  • Identification of end of life (EOL)that leads to planned change management with reduced exposure to incidents
  • Execution of changes based on the trend analysis of the chronic assets
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