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Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering

Business process improvement is imperative for enterprises to stay competitive. Inefficient and dysfunctional processes need to be addressed on priority. The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) approach coupled with Lean methodologies can achieve significant improvements in a short span of time. DMAIC can enhance process performance by reducing output variability along with reducing the operating costs. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can help in eliminating the major bottlenecks. Business process automation opportunities can be identified. Business process improvement also helps in reducing the cycle time.

Our consultants deploy a 3-pronged approach for process re-engineering and improvement consulting which involve:

  • Discovery and due diligence of “As Is” state of affairs in specified process areas
  • Analysis of “As Is” and identification of improvement opportunities
  • Recommendations and implementation roadmap



Know how Tech Mahindra delivers superior digital customer experience through a strong consulting framework. The customer is a European telecom company.

Case Studies

Tech Mahindra’s PCMS expertise helps save cost for global manufacturing services and contract manufacturing firm (process change management system). This in-depth independent research study uncovers how a a global manufacturing services and contract manufacturing firm identifies the key benefits and costs of working with its PCMS expertise.

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