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FASCIA is an endeavor towards creating visibility of transactions as it flows through an enterprise. Its play is around the IT paradigms of Lean Thinking, Complex Event Management, Autonomic Computing and Predictive Systems Behavior for an end to end tracking of business transactions as they propagate across the different layers or systems in a distributed environment.


Utilizing BPM COTS products to produce a best in class platform that automates processes needed to deliver services and is scalable and easily configurable as per customer requirements.

Multichannel Customer Experience Management

Provide through Decision Management and Next Best Action capabilities a single tool with a 360 view that would combine disparate BI, Analytics and Enterprise Systems.


Unified solution that manages the life cycle of every warranty from definition through processing to final closure of the claim


We have a proven approach to support process centric, mission critical, highly complex transformation initiatives while preserving the existing investments made by leveraging the integration capabilities of the various BPM - EAI platforms Our solutions are robust and built for change, for the client organization to be responsive to the ever-changing market dynamics and to lead ahead of the rest with their competitive advantage. We achieve this through use of Solution Accelerators and Process Frameworks, and have a dedicated solutions engineering team to provide the best value and latest state of art applications for our clientele. We also have built various other solution frameworks, accelerators that are customized for various industries such as

  • Social Media for Smarter Enterprises
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • Working Capital Reduction
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Order Management
  • Location Based Mobility Solution
  • Incident Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Appeals and Grievances
  • Spend Management


ProFinA is built and integrated using EMC’s case management product, which is fully integrated platform with capabilities ranging from capturing documents, processing, dis-positioning to reporting. It can be quickly deployed within 12 to 16 weeks with minor customizations as required.


One solution that caters to Case-management, Analytics & Reporting with various enhancement options inbuilt. Not only it captures threshold monitoring and sentiment analysis, but also, client facing portal integration, secures 3rd party access, unified messaging platform and integration with scanning and printing systems.

Social PLM

To Leverage the powerful social collaboration capabilities of Jive to make your Product Lifecycle Management process intelligent, faster & more robust while giving yourself a platform for gaining the competitive edge in your industry.


Machine2CRM refers to the technology behind connecting devices to a central software system and communicating with it. M2M adapters extend OEM devices to transmit data (raw) streams and M2M platform collates received data, interprets and transmits essential data and events to enterprise apps. The areas to apply M2CRM are usage based invoicing and metered revenue models, Warranty management, Asset geo & configuration, Remote Monitoring, Inventory Management, Body sensors for remote consultations, Fleet Management, Smart Homes, Digital Billboards etc.


  • Receives proactive alerts and cases on potential device problems
  • Provides 360 degree view of Assets functioning over time, aiding quicker resolution
  • Provides an expert advisor who helps minimize system downtime and repercussions, possessing remote monitoring and control features
  • Provides my Assets’ view in portal, enabling constant visibility on performance & usage data from devices
  • Makes available rich analytics on hand, to distribute device utilizations which helps to achieve optimum leverage
  • Connects machines with self-alert and self-healing features, reducing manual tasks and help productivity gains


A routing engine, with intelligence, to help enterprises, route and assign its objects, to the best individual, at any given point of time. Built on and easily inte-grated with Sales and Service Cloud objects.

Engine, that can analyze and suggest an individual or a team, based on:

  • Skills
  • Availability – Business Hours, Holidays, Break
  • Workload
  • Any customer defined criteria
  • Real-time workload monitoring
  • Staff utilization & threshold breaches
  • Predictive analysis and skills-mismatch reporting
  • Follow-the-sun features for contact center
  • Alerts on over utilization


The Tech Mahindra Cloud Wrapper solution is recommended for customers who have heavily in Siebel Front Office processes. The Wrapper solution packages for initiating & integrating Back Office processes on Legacy, Leverage the technology innovations from applications with’s CRM. It leverages technology innovations from (SFDC) to complement the legacy apps and improve Marketing, Sales and Service

It has;

  • Pre-Built data migration packages for Siebel base tables to Objects
  • Tool Based Configuration of Meta Data for faster solution realization
  • Extensive experience in implementing AppExchange partner tools to provide end-to-end solution – Big Machines, Cloud Sense, TOATech, ETAworkforce, ServiceMax, Chikpea


Web channel management solution at Tech Mahindra helps leverage web as a key channel for sales, information and service. The solution framework seamlessly integrates Web Content Management system with other key Web Channel components including e-Commerce, Web Analytics, BPM and portal platforms. The following are some of the key aspects of the solution:

  • Effective closed loop marketing
    • Shorten time-to-market for new products, services or product launch for new markets
    • Improve online marketing initiatives
    • End-to-end solution offering to create, manage, target, analyze content
  • Manage large user generated content
    • Support for Web 2.0 functionalities for managing large user generated content through communities, blogs and forums.
    • Build and promote your brand by providing an engaging online experience that will improve customer satisfaction
  • Personalized Content Delivery
    • Focus on user experience optimization
    • Personalization and behavioral targeting to enable targeted marketing and promotions
    • Analyze and track key metrics to ensure high quality content is delivered consistently
  • Unified platform for multi-brand and multilingual websites
    • Streamlined workflow management, WYSIWYG Editing, Multi-channel, versioning and scheduled publishing
    • Language packs and group workflow processes enable multiple copies of a piece of content to be placed through one synchronized workflow process
    • Reduces cost of managing complex websites
  • Consistent and updated information on the web
    • Enable business users create and publish relevant, consistent information at the right time across multiple websites ahead of your competitors

Manage all types of textual and rich assets for creation, workflow, reuse and delivery across all file types.

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