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Tech mahindra

Office of Chief Engineer

The Office of Chief Engineer (OCE) support certain key functions to enhance the effectiveness and the technical quality of the engineering services provided. It operates through scores of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The primary function of the OCE is to

  • Establish industry standard IES processes
  • Conduct periodic technical reviews of projects
  • Furnish technology support to the teams

The standard processes give guidelines to implement projects covering change process, value engineering, reliability, design studies, CAE, safety, risk assessment, Six Sigma, DFSS, lean process, green and the likes.

The technical review of the projects ensures cross-checking of Statement of Work (SOW) and scope, data, assumptions, approach, formulation and model, result, conclusions, validation, documentation, certification requirement etc.

Office of Chief Engineer (OCE) Technology Support is offered for the following at Tech Mahindra:

  • Mentoring teams
  • Developing center of excellences (COEs).
  • Conducting training in special topics in engineering.
  • Developing engineering database and tips.
  • Conducting and participating seminars.
  • Enforcing academy interactions.
  • Promoting sponsored research.
  • Thinking innovation.
  • Promoting organizational and individual accreditation

These functions are executed through a crew of SMEs, each one covering a distinct engineering discipline. A typical SME has over 15 years of industry experience and absolute familiarity over IES functions.

For more details on the list of individuals and their specialization, email us or contact us here

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