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Tech Mahindra: Mechatronics Engineering

Tech Mahindra offers a broad range of integrated engineering solutions for mechatronics. Our global team, with a mix of technology and management experts, helps companies across the world design, develop and analyze their electro-mechanical product portfolio.

IES Mechatronics Solutions - Tech Mahindra

Mechatronics: Highlights

  • Expertise across multiple domains such as Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Products and Semiconductors
  • Application of electromechanical systems for product design
  • Design and development of motion control drives, sensors and actuators; system integration; testing and validation; automation and analysis
  • Application building using special purpose motors such as linear motors, stepper motors, and Limited Angle Torque (LAT), radial flux induction motors

Mechatronics: Case Examples

  • Design and development of a vision-guided robotic manipulator having capability to pick and place harness loops
  • Design and prototype development of a beverage dispenser suited to a gym environment having multiple smart interface systems
  • Development of an artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic-based comprehensive motor testing technique to be used for predictive analysis and remote diagnostics of electrical machines

Design, develop and analyze your electro-mechanical product portfolio with Tech Mahindra’s Integrated Engineering Solutions for Mechatronics. For more information, email us or contact us here

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