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Increasing complexity of products and systems is posing new technological challenges in their design & development. There is constant pressure on designers to reduce the product development time while ensuring a fail-free, safe and reliable system or product.

At Tech Mahindra, our Safety and Reliability Group provides solutions that help ascertain the product’s intended function and also ensures the product’s safety aspect. We engage with our customer's right from product design stage and help them optimize the design and eliminate / validate risks in the designs proactively before the product is manufactured and delivered to the end-user. Our safety and reliability services help customers achieve good and robust designs without affecting critical product development metrics such as time-to-market while reducing the probability of product failure or recall.

Safety & Reliability Engineering: Highlights

  • 10+ years of expertise in providing consultancy, training and solutions across Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial & Consumer Products industries
  • Designs delivered with safety compliance
  • Reliability fixtures developed; Vendor relationships – for developing reliability test fixtures
  • Consultancy for complying to safety standards: IEC61508 and ISO26262 to achieve Functional Safety for Automotive E/E systems
  • Consultancy for the implementation of safety standards: ISO15998 and ISO13849 to achieve Functional Safety for Off-road vehicles
  • Consultancy for complying to safety standard: IEC60601-1-1 as part of value engineering for an electrically operated hospital bed
  • Carried out functional hazard analysis of the mission computer of a military aircraft facilitating product compliance with respect to standard: (DO254 and DO178B, ARP 4761, ARP 4754)
  • Performed safety analysis with respect to (ARP4754/ARP4761)for an aircraft cabin door as part of a value engineering exercise leading to 20% savings. The design changes were examined for critical hazards and necessary safety evidences were established.
  • Established relationship with international reliability forums academia and research organizations

Reduce the probability of product failure or recall, time-to-market; & achieve robust designs with Tech Mahindra’s Solutions and Services for Safety & Reliability Engineering. For more information, email us or contact us here

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