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Value Engineering

In today's competitive market, product manufacturing companies need to add value to products through design optimization, feature additions and cost reduction keeping performance, quality and reliability of product as best-in-class.

IES Value Engineering (VE) - Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra’s Value Engineering (VE) Solution

Tech Mahindra is engaged in Value Engineering (VE) for Fortune 100 customers across industry domains such as construction/industrial farm equipment, manufacturers of heavy machinery, healthcare and consumer products. Value Engineering domain experts at Integrated Engineering Solutions (IES) work hand-in-hand with clients to come up with best possible solutions to beat price erosion, material inflation and labor wage inflation through proven value engineering model. Tech Mahindra’s Value Engineering model addresses several vital areas to improve value, quality and reduce cost.

Value Engineering: Highlights

  • Achieved million dollars of cost savings for customers through Value Engineering solutions such as Six sigma, reliability, sourcing and should costing
  • Engineers working on Value Engineering across industries such as Consumer, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Telecom and Semiconductor
  • Engineers are AVS certified by INVEST (SAVE)
  • Helped in launching new products across North America, Europe and Asia
  • IP disclosures (granted and filed patents)
  • Conducted Sourcing events in India and China
  • Done benchmarking product studies
  • Conducted “Value Engineering for Quality Improvement” projects for clients

Improve value, quality and reduce cost with Tech Mahindra’s proven IES Value Engineering (VE) Model & Solutions. For more information, email us or contact us here

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