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Manufacturing and Sourcing

One of the unique scenarios that most product manufacturers are confronted with is ‘what to make in-house versus what is to be outsourced’. The decision making becomes more complex and critical especially in the case of new product designed and being set for manufacturing – depends on the manufacturing strategy, funding plans in place. For the sustainable, cost-effective and productive platform it becomes rather important to effectively integrate multi-party efforts w.r.t manufacturing process flow & methodologies, raw material, supplied components & systems, equipment usage. Any concerns at any stage of integration can potentially lead to re-designing resulting in additional cost of iteration and further delay. An end-to-end ownership from design till finished product would greatly help product companies continue to be competitive in today’s fast changing market scenarios.

Tech Mahindra Manufacturing and Global Sourcing Services and Solutions

Our expertise primarily lies in taking the products from design to build (also called as art to part). From purely play manufacturing point of view:

  • Manufacturing methods including design of jigs, fixtures etc
  • Manufacturing Automation covering robot programing, NC/CNC programing etc
  • Global sourcing for raw material, components and sub-systems
  • Cost modelling – predictive costing methodology that brings transparency that empowers decision making

As one of the leading global engineering service providers, Tech Mahindra offers manufacturing and sourcing solutions that complement our capabilities in product engineering and design. Our engineers are experts in design for manufacture (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA). We provide a range of solutions across manufacturing planning, manufacturing support and product cost management. We also house a specialized global sourcing team with expertise in technology, sourcing and quality.

We offer an end-to-end sourcing practice facilitating customers in developing their sourcing strategy by supplier identification, evaluation, qualification, engineering support and consulting across multiple geographies .The practice helps in realizing the benefits by reducing cost, maximizing profits, mitigating risk and decreasing deployment cycle without compromising on quality standards. In addition, our manufacturing support, global sourcing capabilities and global ecosystem of qualified suppliers provide prototyping, testing and manufacturing solutions.

Over the years, we have worked with over 100 industry leaders across several industries. We can support your manufacturing requirements in several ways:

  • Industrial automation to automate your production line
  • Digital manufacturing with robotics and machine tool automation
  • Design for tools, jigs and fixtures for manufacture
  • Target costing
  • Lean and value engineering

While we support your entire manufacturing process with a variety of services, we can also offer manufacturing through our group company, Mahindra Systech.

Manufacturing & Global Sourcing solutions- Tech Mahindra

Manufacturing Planning

  • Model based Definitions
    • ASME Y14.41-2003
    • ISO 1101:2004
    • Catia V5 and NX
    • Defense, Aero
  • Methods planning
    • Lean implementation
    • Time study and Process planning
    • Visual aids for industrial and energy
  • Tool and Fixture Design (TFD)
    • Jigs and fixtures
    • Die engineering
    • Composite tooling
    • SPMs
  • Digital Manufacturing
    • Factory layouts
    • Work cell design
    • Ergonomics
    • Simulation, Validation and Optimization of system

Manufacturing Support

  • Numeric Control (NC)
    • Programming
    • Machine simulation
    • Post builder
    • 3 to 5 axis machine
  • Coordinate Manufacturing Machines
    • Programming
    • Machine simulation
    • Post builder
    • PC_DMIS , V-DMIS , Geopack etc
  • Robots
    • Programming
    • Machine simulation
    • Post builder
    • Robot cell design
  • Shop documentation
    • Process planning
    • Set up procedure
    • Work holding
    • Inspection
    • Tool management

Product Cost Management

  • Value Engineering
    • Selection and identification
    • Function
    • Creative
    • Evaluation and implementation
  • Direct Manufacturing Prediction (DMP)
    • Study existing design and process
    • Alternative material
    • Design , Manufacturing Process and vendors
  • Should Costing
    • Concept costing
    • Make vs. Buy
    • Vendor negotiation
    • VA/VE and competitive bench marking

Global Sourcing

  • Conduct feasibility studies, analyze and formulate a strategy for your sourcing request
  • Identify, assess and select suppliers for you
  • Conduct capacity studies and propose improvements on your suppliers
  • Implement Advance Product Quality Process (APQP)
  • Implement quality scorecards for suppliers for performance monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Implement processes and conduct periodic audits

Tech Mahindra manufacturing and global sourcing solutions highlights:

  • We have sourcing expertise and the ability to support manufacture in product lines across industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, energy, utilities, industrial, consumer products and hitech industries.
  • We are experts in NC/CNC programming.
  • We have a dedicated product development lab for manufacturing.
  • We offer flexible partnership arrangements and can partner with you in different ways.
  • We can achieve 15-20% cost savings in components and sub assembly sourcing.
  • We can develop a total supply chain eco system including suppliers, testing labs and partners.
  • We are the preferred strategic partner for global sourcing for several global companies.
  • We owned the process from detail design to stress analysis through to manufacturing drawings for the upper mid-fuse section of a commercial aircraft. Our pool of skilled engineers helped the customer meet the timelines on a critical new program.
  • We redesigned and sourced bumper beams for a global automotive manufacturer resulting in a 60% weight reduction, increased fuel efficiency and saved $ 2.1 million.
  • We facilitated an Asian automobile major with $35 million buy from China with around 15% savings
  • We successfully qualified 15+ suppliers for various customers for new products development and cost-down initiative.
  • We sourced system components for a V6 cat exhaust for a passenger car for a global auto major.
  • We sourced and enabled machining and mass production by sourcing engine block, block head and transmission case casting for an Indian automobile major.
  • We executed a comprehensive supplier capacity study for US based major consumer supplier which led to capacity improvement by 30%.

Benefit from our Manufacturing Support and Global Sourcing Solutions by reducing cost, maximizing profits, mitigating risk and decreasing deployment cycle without compromising on quality standards. For more information, email us or contact us here

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