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Software and applications are at the heart of solutions. Software applications make it possible to package an enhanced end-user experience, usability as well as productivity around products or processes. In today’s ‘hyper-connected world’ where it is possible to connect people to people, people to things and things to things – software applications play an important role of creating seamless interactions in the network of things. These applications along with its vast variety like networking applications, embedded applications, security applications, analytics applications, mobile applications, brings in complexity of designing, developing and testing. Architecture, design and development of such applications critically need engineers to bring innovation by combining technology, product usability in addition to latest software development skills. Product engineers can be highly innovative by leveraging the potential of software applications – creating smart, intelligent and connected products.

Tech Mahindra’s Innovative Software Applications Services

Tech Mahindra with its 18 years of experience has gained the expertise not only in developing products end to end but also developing innovative software applications leveraging the latest advancements in technology. To name a few, we have recently developed for customers applications for monitoring equipment remotely, tracking the vehicles on the geographical map, smart appliances that with touch display, intelligent dispenser that dispenses customized drink based on end-user etc.

Our areas of expertise range across the SDLC from architectural design, software development, unit and integration testing and implementation, for a variety of applications:

  • Engineering analytics
  • Audio, Video analytics including Gesture technologies
  • Smart applications – artificial intelligence and Fuzzy
  • Security applications
  • Embedded applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Web server & Client applications
  • GIS based applications
  • Display applications User interfaces
  • Automation applications
  • Testing applications

We provide comprehensive architecture, design, development, integration and testing of software and applications to global industry leaders. We have worked on software and applications that are at the heart of several products and solutions ranging from smart grids to smart cars to war games and training simulators. We have gained significant expertise in developing server level databases and applications that enable process from design to manufacturing to PLM for global industry leaders across segments like aerospace, defense, automotives, rail and more.

Apart from this, we offer:

  • User Interface design and development for wide-ranging applications
  • Mobile application design, development and testing for engineering
  • Automation applications for design
  • Automation for testing
  • Web applications for engineering
  • Software applications and middleware with Rational Unified Process and compliance to IEEE software

We have expertise in developing software and applications across the engineering verticals. Below mentioned are the highlights from our Innovative Software Applications Services:

  • Practice maturity in hardware, firmware, platforms, middleware and applications design and development, verification and validation, field testing and OTA support.
  • In-house mobility frameworks and automated Android test solutions for E2E mobile application lifecycle management and testing for multiple platforms
  • Experience across the ecosystem with players in semiconductor, ODM, OEM, Carriers and ISVs
  • Mobile application development and testing for iOS and Android
  • Integrated app store on a hosted model for mobile apps
  • Device integration and application platform porting
  • UI design for mobile applications
  • Form factor based UI design for mobiles
  • Development of thick and hybrid clients
  • Widget development
  • Background services for mobiles
  • Device management
  • User and application administration management
  • We designed and developed a real time patient monitoring system based on multi-parameter monitoring features for a major US major medical equipment manufacturer.
  • We developed training simulators on Electronic warfare (EW) concepts, simulating multiple entities involved and augmenting the module with expert system-based database analysis module for trainee evaluation, GIS based tactical EW trainer and a multimedia tutor module.
  • We developed a Tri-services war scenario generation with blue force and red force decision support system, entity modeling and simulations, deployment of virtual war strategies, execution, performance and training monitoring.
  • We designed and developed a remote monitoring solution for a leading Asia based healthcare provider resulting in accelerated deployment and increased life of equipment.
  • We developed and deployed India’s first ever Emergency Medical Response Institute (EMRI) medical emergency response system in India using GIS and Telematics technology
  • We designed and developed the Communication Interface for aircraft Flight Data Acquisition and Recording Unit.
  • We developed a service diagnostic tool for refrigeration technicians to diagnose root causes of board failures.
  • We developed a common software architecture code and application code for different display devices and HMI that can be used across product lines like refrigerators, laundry equipment, dishwashers, etc.
  • We ported platforms for a leading US based casino gaming company led to faster time-to-market and cost reduction by 55%.
  • We provided quality assurance and testing for a US based casino gaming company resulted in accelerated deployment cycle time and cost reduction by 60%.
  • We localized games for a leading casino gaming provider based in US which helped in diversifying and expanding global business.
  • We have an iOS and Android Centre of Excellence and developed over 100 iOS apps and over 90 Android apps.

Enhance your end-user experience, usability as well as product/process productivity, reduce cost increase ROI with our Innovative Software and Applications Services. For more information, email us or contact us here

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