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Connected Vehicles

The need to stay connected is powerful. People want to be connected all the time, everywhere. The internet is everywhere, connecting people in offices, at homes, coffee shops, hotels and every other place imaginable. Today, the internet is also connecting things. There will be 50 billion connected things by the end of this decade. Amidst all this connectivity, the car remains an island. There are over 1 billion cars on the world’s roads and people spend a lot of their waking hours in cars. Yet, people are cut off from their hyper connected lives inside a vehicle.

In-vehicle connectivity delivers real-time information into the vehicle and creates a sense of safety and security. There are also a growing number of services around connectivity in vehicles that make a difference to people’s lives. Tech Mahindra believes in a connected world, offering solutions that connect technology, businesses and consumers through innovative platforms. This is why Tech Mahindra’s Connected Vehicle solutions and services connect people to their lives, even inside their vehicles.

Connected Vehicles

Tech Mahindra: Connected Vehicle Solutions

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Vehicle offerings include solutions across telematics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, infotainment and connectivity.

Our Connected Vehicle offerings include Built in components such as advanced infotainment, telematics, in-vehicle networking, Comfort Systems and other electronic components. The solution also features built-in analytics capabilities to manage the recorded information from the vehicle and its sensor components.

The solution integrates Beam in components such as Safety, Services and Content. Beam-in components make your drive safer with Crash Avoidance, Traffic Updates and Intersection Movements. They also enable service providers and manufacturers to deliver a range of services such as Remote Diagnostics, Roadside Assistance and Emergency Calls. Content providers deliver media, news, location based information on infotainment systems right in your car.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Vehicle solution supports mobile and personal devices like smart phones, tablets and media players that can be Brought In to the car for a completely personalized experience. The integrated app store provides access to apps across navigation, remote control and driving behaviour.

The Connected vehicle solution seamlessly connects ‘in-vehicle’ systems with enterprise computational platforms including vehicle to infrastructure communication, enhancing driver assist/alert, analytics to aid diagnostics/prognosis, comfort and convenience. We offer an array of services, platforms, point solutions and integrated solutions to realize the vision for a Connected Vehicle, both for OE vehicles and aftermarket.

Our Connected Vehicle offerings connect you to your world, irrespective of whether you are in a car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, construction or farm equipment. There are several other challenges in developing user friendly connected car solutions.

Tech Mahindra, in conjunction with Ericsson, EBS and TomTom, has developed a Connected Aftermarket suite for Automotives. At the moment, the relationship the OEM has with a buyer does not extend beyond the initial buying experience. Both dealers and OEMs lose out on a steady relationship with customers, primarily because of a technology gap in the after-sales value chain. For instance, OEMs and dealers have no relationship with the buyers of a used car.

Our future ready solution addresses this key missing link in the automotive value chain. Sensors in a modern car can generate as much as a gigabyte of data every hour. Neither OEMs nor dealers can use this data because they do not have access to it. The data is stored in a Controller Area Network (CAN) that can provide data regarding vehicle conditions, multiple parameters and even driver behaviour. The data can be invaluable for a wide range of use cases.

The Connected Aftermarket suite features:

  • A CAN bus that can plug into any car and access the maximum data possible, irrespective of the type or model of the car.
  • A cloud based portal that makes the information available online. The data can be viewed online or through a smartphone by owners, dealers or service engineers to diagnose and even predict potential failures.

The Connected Aftermarket suite enables a whole new business model where everyone in the automotive value chain benefits, OEMs and dealers through better relationships with the customer, customers through easier servicing and maintenance and service engineers with easier access to data from the car.

Read the Forrester analyst report on the Connected Aftermarket suite here.

Read the co-authored publication with Gartner on the “Connected Automotive Aftermarket Suite - Moving from a Connected Car to a Connected Customer” here.

As a vehicle owner or fleet operator, it is important that you know the safety and condition of your vehicles, whether passenger cars, commercial vehicles, farm equipment or others.

Tech Mahindra’s CloudLink platform enables next generation functionality in your vehicles with advanced telematics, GSM and GPS capabilities. Fleet operators can monitor their entire fleets in real time using smart phone applications, on the web or through messaging. Owners and operators can track their vehicles and get real time alerts for route deviations or unscheduled stops. The solution triggers an automatic emergency call for medical assistance in case of accidents, even if the driver is unconscious. It offers protection against theft through real time vehicle tracking and deviation warnings. With built-in remote and real-time diagnostics, you are always aware of the condition of your vehicles.

The CloudLink platform brings never seen before safety, convenience and trackability for your vehicles.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) make driving safer and convenient. Tech Mahindra has developed several ADAS applications to take modern automobiles to the next generation. Our ADAS solutions are built on our strong capabilities in automotive electronics, software, knowledge of ISO and SAE standards, testing and integration.

  • Tech Mahindra’s Driver Fatigue Monitoring solution tracks the eyes of the driver and uses analyses of the state of the eye to monitor the driver’s alertness. The solution utilises robust algorithms for face recognition, pattern recognition and machine vision to provide a convenient way to detect fatigue and alert the driver to ensure safety. The solution also uses face and eye tracking with Percentage Eye Closure algorithms (PERCLOS) for drowsiness detection.
  • Our Pedestrian Detection solution acts as an early warning system when obstructions are detected on the road. The solution leverages optimised algorithms for feature extraction and smart feature tracking to identify pedestrians and alerts the driver.

Tech Mahindra’s infotainment solutions encompass HMI frameworks and applications that deliver a compelling user experience. We provide next generation infotainment that can reduce your cost and time-to-market. Our advanced HMI features exceptional user experience (UX) with graphics and 3D animation for in-vehicle infotainment. Our infotainment solutions include HMI and application software and rear seat entertainment systems.

  • We are a Managed Services provider for comprehensive Connected Vehicle solutions, leveraging an extensive ecosystem of partnerships with EMS vendors, chipmakers and networks to develop, integrate, deploy and manage connected car solutions.
  • We are a Total Solution Provider with device, communication and application agnostic platforms that can be deployed for both OE vehicles and as aftermarket solutions, providing a range of value-added services by leveraging our diverse capabilities in telematics, vehicle electronics, cloud, analytics, and more.
  • We are a System Integration partner for Connected Vehicle solutions, integrating and validating multiple components from different vendors. With a global alliance ecosystem including EMS partners, silicon vendors and test houses and memberships in GENIVI, CCC, SAE Functional Safety Committee and AUTOSAR, we are a one stop shop for complete integration and Verification & Validation.

Let Tech Mahindra’s value-added services and solutions help you deploy integrated Connected Vehicle solutions and accelerate product development. For more information, email us or contact us here.

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Exclusive report by Forrester Analyst Stefan Reid, Ph.D, on the Connected Aftermarket

Exclusive report by Forrester Analyst Stefan Reid, Ph.D, on the Connected Aftermarket

Tech Mahindra, in conjunction with Ericsson, EBS and TomTom, has developed a Connected Aftermarket solution for Automotives. At the moment, the relationship the OEM has with a buyer does not extend beyond the initial buying experience.

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