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ISO 26262 – Consulting to Compliance

Modern automobiles are no longer just mechanical. The role of software and electronics inside automobiles, particularly passenger cars, has increased significantly. Modern cars rely on software for even the most basic operation. Software plays a role in enhancing the function of everything from brakes to carburetion to steering and more! The electronics, software and control systems used in automobiles in highly complex. Any automotive functional safety assessment, therefore, must take into account the complexity of these subsystems and their potential impact on the safety of the vehicle.


ISO 26262 is a regulation derived from IEC 61508 that is designed to assess and assure automotive safety in such cases. ISO 26262 aims to address potential problems that could arise from the use of software and electronic control systems within automobiles. ISO 26262 addresses possible hazards caused by malfunctioning r of software and electronic safety-related systems, including the interaction of such systems. Adopting rigorous development processes and industry best practices can eliminate risk and unpredictability in the behavior of the final product. Safety is non-negotiable and customers demand products that are safe and conform to regulations that govern safety.


ISO 26262 aims to provide guidelines to all phases of a product’s life cycle including development, production, commissioning, management, operation, service and decommissioning. The ISO 26262 standard has ten parts. Parts 2 to 10 document the guidelines for the development process and the product.

While ISO 26262 is not a mandatory regulation, it offers OEMs and suppliers multiple benefits. Product liability guidelines mandate following state-of-the-art processes and ISO 26262 conforms to this mandate. ISO 26262 provides a mechanism to assess risk through Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL). ISO 26262 also permits the qualitative and quantitative assessment of risk. Voluntary conformance to ISO 26262 can help you with product liability by reducing the associated legal risk. Additionally, adherence to ISO 26262 can increase your market potential by signaling your commitment to safety.

ISO 26262: End-To-end consulting to compliance support by Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra has over 200 person-years of experience in functional safety and reliability. We have significant expertise in end-to-end implementation of ISO 26262. We provide support and services from Concept to Design, Safety Analysis and Compliance. We have implemented ISO 26262 across automotive subsystems such as:

  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Airbag
  • Steering lock
  • EPB
  • DCT
  • ACR
  • ACC

We offer consultancy to compliance solutions for automotive functional safety. With the increasing use of embedded electronics and software in automotive systems, there are significant challenges in establishing safe driving standards and meeting customer expectations in product design. The new automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 provides a systematic approach for building safety into the product with enhanced credibility in the marketplace. Tech Mahindra provides services from consultancy to compliance for automotive functional safety with the implementation of ISO 26262.

We enable global automotive customers to understand the processes involved in implementing safety case as part of the product development life cycle. We perform various safety analyses to derive, verify and validate system/hardware/software safety requirements starting from item definition through hazard analysis followed by FSR, TSR, FMEA, FTA and test and validation of safety functions. We have partnered with various compliance agencies to help customers provide consultancy to compliance services to ensure the product safety compliant as per ISO 26262. The safety plan supports all the vehicle subsystems like steering, braking, OSS, power train etc.

ISO 26262 Implementation - Tech Mahindra

We offer complete support from consulting to training to compliance support:

Concept Phase

  • Safety plan
  • Item definition
  • Impact analysis
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • ASIL determination
  • Functional safety concepts and requirements
  • ASIL decomposition


  • Technical safety requirements
  • Safety analysis (system FTA, FMEA)
  • Hardware FMEA, software FTA, software FMEA and software ETA

Safety Analysis

  • Hardware architecture compliance requirements
  • Single Point Failure Metrics (SPFM) and Latent Point Failure Metrics (LPFM)
  • Probabilistic Metrics for random Hardware Failures (PMHF)
  • Software design compliance to ASIL requirements
  • Hardware and software design modification for ASIL compliance
  • Proof of freedom from interference using software safety analysis
  • Hardware testing
  • Software testing


  • Safety case document preparation for Functional Safety Assessment

Following are the ISO 26262 services offered by Tech Mahindra:


  • Develop practices for Safety Analysis
  • Monitoring and disseminating industry expertise and best practices through the facilitation of workshops and training



  • ISO 26262 safety standards and processes
  • Hazard Analysis and Safety Analysis tools (Reliability Modeling and Prediction, SW Functional and Detailed Level FMEA, System Level FTA, SW FTA, System Level FMEA)

Compliance Support

  • Preparation of Hazard and Risk Analysis, ASIL determination, safety goal derivation, derivation of functional safety requirements, technical safety requirements
  • Guidance in product development (according to ISO 26262) as per ASIL
  • Evidence proof analysis for safety compliance (System Level, HW level, SW Level)
  • Preparation of safety case document
  • Pre-audit support
  • Review of the work products created along with the supportive analyses and documents
  • Consultancy for the transition from IEC61508 to ISO26262 for the adaptation to the new Functional Safety standards by Tier 1s and OEMs
  • Consultancy for implementing safety standards: IEC61508 and ISO26262 to achieve Functional Safety for the automotive chassis and body ECUs
  • Consultancy for Functional Safety compliance audit with respect to safety standards: IEC61508 and ISO26262 for automotive E/E systems

Let Tech Mahindra’s expertise in ISO 26262 Implementation help you eliminate the risk and unpredictability in the behavior of the final product, enhance the functionality and safety of the vehicle. For more information on the implementation of ISO 26262, email us or contact us here


TechM IES Solution ISO26262

TechM IES Solution ISO26262

Automotive products get ISO 26262 compliance faster with Tech Mahindra Integrated Engineering Solutions (IES).

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