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We cannot imagine our lives without various kinds of machines around us. Many of these machines perform duties well beyond their traditional functions. Enter the world of connected machines, or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, in this world machines communicate with other machines via small devices or sensors that gather and transmit vital data in real time. New themes in product development like connectivity and digitization are also gaining traction. According to GSMA, the proliferation of connected devices will create a USD 4.5 trillion market for global business by 2020.

Such solutions have the potential to transform businesses. They will challenge companies to be innovative, the same way mobile internet did. Advancements in sensor, communication and computing technologies are enabling new products to be ‘smart’ and ‘connected’. Innovations such as real-time response, analytics based decision support and customer-centric service models are becoming the new norm across business environments as well as personal life styles. Overseeing the operation of remotely installed equipment, optimizing power consumption by a device or providing healthcare to patients are some indicative examples.

One key area is energy production and consumption. Even small improvements in the efficiency of the production, utilization and auditing of energy can generate significant energy surplus and value. So, an intelligent system that can integrate smart grids, energy management and variable pricing that benefits both utilities and consumers can be invaluable.

Tech Mahindra’s Smart Energy Platform solution features a gateway to integrate devices, a meter interface to assimilate real-time data from energy meters, a home area network (HAN) to connect all home appliances securely to the platform and in-house display (IHD) units that enable consumers to manage energy consumption from their homes.

  • Home Energy Management System Gateway
    • TR-069 compliant Auto Configuration Servers (ACS)
    • Open ADR
    • Reusable architecture
    • MySQL database
    • JVM on Linux
    • Secured Wi-Fi communication with in-house display (IHD)
  • Home Energy Management System Meter Interface
    • Secured ZigBee wireless communication using SEP
    • Gather real-time data from meters
    • Supports all types of meters
  • Home Energy Management System Home Area Network (HAN)
    • ZigBee enabled HAN
    • Secure communication between all home appliances
    • Universal Smart Network Access Port (USNAP) and Z-Wave based communication
  • Home Energy Management System IHD
    • Designed on Android
    • Flexible and open platform
    • Reusable UI and architecture
    • Real time data and archive data and reports
    • Reusable web services
  • Software
    • Real-time architecture
    • Java based HEMS application
    • IPC mechanism to read real-time data from meters, USNAP and HAN
    • IPC mechanism to read real-time data from meters, USNAP and HAN

The Smart Energy Platform solution encompasses multiple tools and technologies. It is also built to integrate and work with a wide variety of devices and appliances. Since the solution allows a range of home appliances and devices to integrate through a common home area network, security of the data and communication is paramount. Our HAN solution uses AES 128 standard for ZigBee, WPS for WiFi, SSL for Ethernet communication and secure protocols specific to Z-Wave. There are multiple technology challenges such as:

  • ZigBee security
  • Co-location of multiple RF modules
  • Driver compatibility to Linux kernel
  • Data and message security

Our solution ensures:

  • Confidentiality of data and security for meters through encryption keys
  • Integrity of data and messages
  • Authenticity of data, commands and information
  • Stringent policy control
  • Ready solution with 80% pre-built components
  • 50% lower cost with reduced cost for BOM
  • Faster time to market with simple customization and accelerated development cycle
  • Modular software and hardware design for scalability
  • Flexible architecture for easy customization

Let Tech Mahindra’s Integrated Smart Energy Gateway Platform Solution transform businesses by reducing cost by 50%, take your products to the market faster, ensuring regional compliance standards. For more information, email us or contact us here


TechM IES Solution Smart Energy Platform

TechM IES Solution Smart Energy Platform

Smart Energy Platform with comprehensive energy monitoring and smart analytics.

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