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The Aerospace and Defense industry is transforming. The changing global economy and demand from emerging markets such as India brings different challenges to global aerospace and defense industry leaders. Industries must identify new partnerships and new ways to leverage regional partnerships to address different regulatory requirements across different geographies. Cost, time-to-market and a need for sustainable innovation are key drivers for growth in the industry. Access to new markets is another factor that will determine success in aerospace and defense.

As a leading Global Design House for Aerospace & Defense engineering services and solutions, Tech Mahindra is a partner of choice for top aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and several Tier I suppliers. We are also a key partner to Indian defense organizations. We operate large-sized engineering centers for many of our customers. We support our partners not only in design and development but also in enabling them to become key market players in their respective countries and regions. Our extensive domain expertise across business jets, regional jets, commercial jets and trainers enables us to understand the major challenges that the industry faces and how to address them.

Tech Mahindra Automotive Engineering Solutions & Services


Tech Mahindra Automotive Engineering Solutions & Services


  • End to end product engineering capability in Aerospace & Defense
  • Focus on near-shoring with a global footprint that includes design centres in US and Europe
  • Flexible engagements such as risk sharing, outcome driven models
  • Expertise in regulatory requirements for business, regional and commercial jets
  • Strategic engagement with India aerospace and defense organizations providing solutions in R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Technology partnerships with global players and capabilities to absorb technologies and customize to local requirements

Tech Mahindra has been a Global Partner of Choice for industry leaders in Aerospace and Defense for over a decade:

  • Operate and lead large sized offshore design centers for major aircraft OEMs
  • Comprehensive Design to Build ecosystem
  • Strong manufacturing and aftermarket synergies from Mahindra group ecosystem and partners
  • Extensive partnership ecosystem for systems testing, prototype development, certification support
  • Design ownership of key sub-systems such as landing gear systems and their LRUs
  • Aerospace quality management system covering full life cycle
  • AS 9100 Rev C, RTCA DO-178B, DO-254 and DO-160
  • DDTC registered to take up ITAR projects
  • Compliance to customer standards and specifications
  • CEMILAC (Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification) certified

Tech Mahindra’s strengths are aligned to address key challenges within the industry:

  • Delivery Leadership: Our Aerospace and Defense division is home to several engineers and Subject Matter Experts, who are addressing critical engineering challenges for our customers. We are also focused on expanding our delivery footprint. We deliver from on-shore, off-shore and near-shore delivery centers for our key customers. We actively pursue excellence in engineering delivery through First Time Right principles and On Time Delivery.
  • Comprehensive Ecosystem: Apart from enhancing our Design to Build capabilities, our partners are carefully chosen to align with our vision to be a leading global engineering partner and innovator. We offer end-to-end product design, development, prototyping and manufacturing for our partners. Apart from our significant in-house expertise, we have alliances with global design houses, research and development houses and academic institutions. Our ecosystem of partners is both comprehensive and broad, both from industry and academia and includes representatives from multiple domains.
  • 360-Degree Solutions: We offer a single window interface to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for their Aerospace and Defense engineering needs. Our matured program management, subject matter expertise, governance structures and execution capabilities enable us to deliver cost competitive solutions to complex engineering requirements and problems in Design, Manufacturing Engineering and Aftermarket.

We offer an array of solutions to leaders in the aerospace and defense segments:

  • Airframes
  • Cabin & Interiors
  • Electrical Systems
  • Avionics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Aftermarket Services
  • Connected Engineering and Digital Solutions


  • Primary and secondary structures expertise
  • Ownership of Design and Analysis
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance
  • Certification and optimization
  • Product Line Support
  • Should Costing and Value Engineering

Areas: Fuselage, Door Structures, Ground and Multifunctional Spoiler, RADOME

Cabin & Interiors

  • Lifecycle expertise from Requirements to Delivery
  • Concept, styling and renderings
  • Design, detailing and installation drawings
  • Wire harness routing
  • Stress analysis and certification reports

Areas: Upgrades, VIP Furnishing, Paint Schemes, Placards, Layouts

Electrical Systems

  • Configuration Management -
  • Functional Definition, including Wiring diagrams
  • Harness Pre-definition, including Concept and Detail design
  • Installation Definition
  • Harness Definition Dossier
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • System Integration checks and installation support

Areas: Electrical Harness Master Routing, Electrical Systems Check for Structures Systems cabin Integration (SSCI), Interior Wiring Design


  • Safety critical software and hardware development lifecycle
  • Test Rigs as product solutions
  • Power Electronics
  • Obsolescence Management
  • EMI/EMC Testing
  • Safety Analysis
  • FPGA Verification

Areas: Slat Flap Controller, Fuel Management & Indication Systems, Electrical Power Systems, Cockpit Displays, MMI, Communication Protocols, ADC Annunciation, Flight Management Systems, DCUs, Nose Wheel Steering System, FADEC, Landing Gear Systems, Health Monitoring (CMS)

Regulations: RTCA/DO-178B | RTCA/DO-178C | RTCA/DO-254 | DO-160E | ARP 4761 | MIL-217-F

Mechanical Systems

  • Installations and instrumentation
  • Hydraulic system equipment design support
  • Product Line Support
  • Test, certification and test documentation
  • Systems installation for water and waste management, hydraulics and electrical
  • Manufacturing Engineering

Areas: Landing Gear, Actuators, FCS Circuit Linkages and Mechanisms

Standards: MIL Standards, FAR 23, FAR 25, ARP 4761, 4754, 1281, 1383, 490 and Environment Standards - MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Tool design
  • NC and CMM Programming
  • Process Planning and Methods Engineering
  • Visual Work Instructions

Aftermarket Services

  • Upgrades for cabins and related systems
    • Interior modernization
    • Fleet harmonization
    • PAX to FRT conversions
  • Repairs and Maintenance
    • New Repair schemes
    • Repair amendments
    • Inspections
  • Technical Publications
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals
    • Component Maintenance Manuals
    • Troubleshooting Manuals
    • Structure Repair Manuals
    • Service Bulletins
    • Parts Catalogs – Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) and Supplementary IPC
    • Engineering Change Management
  • E-Learning for Pilots, Maintenance, Flight Operations and Repairs
    • Instructor Led Training
    • Computer/Web Based Training
    • Mobility enabled learning
    • Content delivery in multiple formats
    • Blended learning
  • Digital Solutions
    • Digital MRO
    • 24/7 Technical help desk
    • Database maintenance
    • Digital Health monitoring
    • e-Tech Pubs

Every industry faces a host of complex challenges that affect growth and hamper efficiency. The Aerospace and Defense industry is no different. Tech Mahindra’s Connected Engineering and digital solutions deliver tangible results for industry problems.

Tech Mahindra has developed solutions for preventive flight maintenance and failure predictions to transform the way the aerospace industry views aircraft operations and health.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (RMD)

The solution comprehensively addresses the need for remotely monitoring aero derivatives and anticipating failures and unexpected maintenance. The solution leverages M2M applications, data and analytics keep fleets operating at maximum efficiency.

Data Acquisition: The solution acquires data directly from the installed sensors in the aero derivative. All vital health parameters are acquired remotely. The solution also features M2M interfacing capabilities.

Data Analytics: The acquired data is analysed offline. The analytics is programmed to intelligently identify potential failures and run diagnostics. The solution helps identify the root cause of potential problems. Analytics enables rule-based preventive maintenance.

Decision Making: The solution enables your maintenance teams to make quick decisions on maintenance with accurate and real-time data and analytics. The solution provides a variety of reports and dashboards to constantly monitor the health of the fleet. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics also features automated, real-time alerts for preventive action.

Health Monitoring

Tech Mahindra’s Health Monitoring solution is built in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (IIT). The solution is designed to help MROs, airline operators and aerospace OEMs automate offline non-destructive evaluation (NDE) based structural health monitoring. The solution significantly reduces aircraft maintenance time and costs.

The solution features:

Offline Analysis based on non-destructive evaluation (NDE) centric SHM software that is automated and comprehensive

Software that works with both conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and modern techniques such as Laser Doppler Vibrometry and Air Coupled Ultrasonics to analyse structural health

Condition based NDE that is triggered based on programmable rules on health and usage

Simulation Platform to visualize and assess damage and damage growth based on monitored flight data to provide repair recommendations

Prognostics to provide critical data on the residual strength of the structure and useful life remaining post-repair

Health Monitoring features a modular integrated software framework, which is customizable for a variety of aircrafts. SHM performs a variety of NDE centric tasks, such as extracting information and performing analyses, to deliver improved cost benefits.

  • Fuselage design of commercial aircraft: Complete ownership of fuselage section detail design, stress analysis and weight optimization, certification support through manufacturing drawings using Model Based Definition (MBD). Pool of skilled engineers helped the customer meet the timelines on a critical new program. Part count reduction by ~40%, weight reduction by 10% compared to preliminary design.
  • Design of Composite RADOME: Complete ownership of the package from concept design to manufacturing drawings for composite RADOME.
  • Design and validation of interior monuments: Complete execution covering layouts, design, stress, placards, flammability and Production support encompassing entire design lifecycle of interior monuments. Developed 20+ tools for stress analysis. 15-20% reduction in design cycle time by reducing iterations using Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE).
  • Design Support for Cabinets: Provided end-to-end design support through creation of 3D model and Support to Cabinet shop, assembly line for Cabinet and Periphery monuments.
  • Electrical Harness Master Routing: Design of Electrical Harness routing in accordance with design guidelines, including concept design, detail design, installation and manufacturing drawings.
  • Interior Wiring Design for Business Jet: Supported BCCM wiring design by delivering work packages for complete aircraft Interiors wiring design and integration. Provide design solutions for versatile customer requirements.
  • Universal Avionics Test Rig: Design, Development and Fabrication of a Universal Avionics Test set along with an Automated Test Equipment, to configure the Test set according to LRU requirements for the world’s leading aerospace OEM leading to lower manufacturing costs.
  • RTCA/DO-178B – Level A: Design and Development of Graphic Generation Function (GGF) application software to display integrated flight data.
  • Design of UAV Landing Gear System and LRUs: Design and development of  Landing  gear systems from requirements definition till documentation.
  • Conceptual Design of Door Mechanism: Re-designed the existing FAR23 compliance cabin door to meet FAR Part 25 regulations and perform complete trade study analysis between re-design and new design.
  • Design of Composite Tool & Master Model: Designed and created manufacturing drawings for AFT Belly Fairing Master model and composite tool.
  • Economy to Premium Economy Conversion: Introduced a Premium Economy Class between economy and business class.
  • Next Generation Tech Pubs: Animated 3D Assembly Procedures in pdf format with embedded simulations and procedure descriptions. The delivery had instructions specific to each assembly sequence - Sequence of Events, tooling information, safety instructions and special notes. The solution allowed 3D views of parts and included displays of all movements and actions.
  • End-to-end aircraft simulator design: Modular concept with ease of assembly and shipping with the design being adaptable to multiple aircrafts. Various systems and sub systems were designed to meet ICAO 9625 and JAR FSTD A requirements. The various modules included Shell and enclosure, Cockpit, Cockpit Panels and Controls and actuation systems among others at 60% reduced costs
  • Product Line Support (PLS) – Engineering Change Management: Ownership of PLS process across multiple aircraft product lines. Addressed change requests across structures, systems and electrical and avionics. Responsible for design compliance substantiation to FAR 23/25 requirements. Harmonized processes across the various platforms - change request tracking, Drawing standards, review and approval process.

Tech Mahindra’s expertise and cost competitive Aerospace & Defense Engineering services and solutions can address your engineering requirements and business challenges to deliver significant value to your organization. For more information, email us or contact us here

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Aircraft Health Monitoring System

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