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Automotive Engineering

Several factors are driving change and influencing innovation in the global automotive industry. One of the biggest drivers is regulatory compliance for emission and safety. Markets are also witnessing a shift from traditional economies to developing economies like Brazil, China and India, bringing new requirements across safety, price, usage patterns, environmental conditions, supplier ecosystems and features. Coupled with increased consumer demand for innovation in advanced safety, infotainment and comfort features, automotive OEMs and suppliers must adapt to more electronics and software in modern automobiles.

Tech Mahindra offers connected engineering solutions to global automotive players that address these complex business challenges. Our solutions are complemented by our wide ranging competencies in high-end automotive design and styling, development, validation, testing and system integration. Our end to end consulting experience in Safety and Reliability Engineering, Should Costing and Value Engineering enables us to deliver next generation automotive solutions to customers globally and at frugal price points.

Tech Mahindra Automotive Engineering Solutions & Services


  • Automotive SPICE PATHFINDER Level 3 Maturity certified
  • Focus on global delivery with centres around the world
  • Flexible engagements such as Fixed Bid and risk sharing investment models
  • Focused investments in co-development of technology
  • 360 degree ecosystem from High-end Design and Styling to Build

Tech Mahindra is a Global Partner of Choice for automotive OEMs and suppliers. We have been delivering industry leading engineering solutions for over a decade.

  • High end Automotive Design and Styling including Creative Research, 3D Virtual Modeling, 3D Physical Modeling Refinement and Model Creation
  • Engineering expertise, especially in the niche domain areas of Brakes, Steering, Powertrain, Tire Engineering, Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) and areas that require high-end analysis
  • Mature practices for safety, reliability, Value Engineering and design methodologies like Design for Six Sigma and Design for Manufacture
  • Expertise in global standards such as ISO 26262, certification requirements and quality procedures for regulatory and safety compliance
  • Extensive capabilities in mechanical, electronics and mechatronics engineering
  • Innovation efforts focused on emerging technologies such as Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Expertise in virtual design and vehicle level simulation for major automotive subsystems

Tech Mahindra is a partner to global automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, delivering a range of services uniquely tailored to address key industry challenges. We add significant value to your business and enable transformation with our innovative automotive engineering services and solutions.

  • Body Panels and Closures 
  • Exteriors
  • Interiors
  • Powertrain
  • Chassis and Safety
  • Connected Cars

Body Panels and Closures

Tech Mahindra incorporates state-of-the-art methods in designing, modelling, drawing generation, simulation of body panels and closures with special focus on low weight designing strategies for on-going and future vehicles. Our design capability adds best in class values like intelligently integrating a growing number of functionality, flexibility and efficiency in production process and optimizing space constraints.

  • Body Panels – Front Panels, Rear Panels, Bulkhead, Upper structure, Engine Bay Panels
  • Closures – Bonnet, Door, Tailgate
  • Floor and Head liners
  • Roof integration

Expertise: Concept design, module development, series production support, supplier mmanagement, prototyping and test support


Tech Mahindra has been designing elegant, reliable, durable and sustainable car exteriors for decades. We are capable of performing full body analysis with multiple simulation applications exposure. Our high strength and high quality designing solutions deliver significant cost savings, compact design, reduction in weight and fantastic styling flexibility. We focus on quality enhancement using model check and best practices.

  • Auto body styling and accessories - bumpers, sun or moon roofs, external enclosures
  • Fog lights and accessories - fog bezels, fender flares, fog lamp chrome bezel
  • Grilles and components - grilles, radiator grilles, grille opening reinforcements
  • Exterior accessories - dog houses, luggage carriers, front and rear facia, foot boards
  • Door handles and accessories - handles, mud guards

Expertise: Concept design, module development, series production support, supplier management, prototyping and test support


Tech Mahindra adopts industry best practices to design safe and futuristic car interiors. We provide optimized designs accommodating comfort, style safety, sustainability, durability.

  • Instrument Panel, accessories, storage and holders
  • Door trims and pillar trims
  • Non-structural floors
  • Occupant Safety Systems

Expertise: Concept design, module development, series production support, supplier management, prototyping and test support


Tech Mahindra provides environment friendly solutions like low fuel consumption and low exhaust emission powertrains. Our solutions work with existing engine types and can also work with hybrid and electrical vehicles. We work on platforms based on Freescale, TI and ARM cores. We provide solutions for application, middleware porting and software maintenance.

  • Air intake,  exhaust, cooling and fuel systems
  • Driveline and transmission
  • Engine subsystems including structural components
  • Emission upgrades
  • Engine adaptation and packaging

Expertise: Benchmarking, concept, technical design, CAE simulation, system/vehicle integration, dimensional management, prototype development, supplier and test management

Software Engineering Expertise: Application, middleware porting and software maintenance, modeling and simulation, functional safety (ISO 26262), AUTOSAR development, integration and migration

Mechanical Engineering Expertise: Thermal management, virtual engine installation, gear train layout and sizing, shaft design, hydraulics development, bearing design and development, analysis (component, integration, performance, NVH, thermal, crash, structural, dynamics development), strategic sourcing

Chassis and Safety

Tech Mahindra has been providing solutions for highly efficient, robust, optimized and safe products while balancing vehicle dynamics, stress field and driving comfort with assurance of quality, cost and performance targets. Our expertise spans both chassis systems and chassis electronics.

Chassis Systems

  • Complete Chassis System Development
  • Steering and Suspension Systems

Expertise: Input data preparation, system selection, hard point analysis, component selection, handling, evaluation and tuning, component design of systems

  • Brakes and Retarders

Expertise: Brake performance calculation, air brake valve selection and selection of hydraulic brake valves, air brake valve mounting and pipe routing

  • Power Pack Mount Design

Expertise: Design and layout of engine and transmission mounting, engine mount optimization and testing, engine integration

Chassis Electronics

  • ECU eengineering and safety critical ECU hardware and software development
  • Software development, Value Analysis/Value Engineering, Verification & Validation for steering (EPHS, EPS, AFS), braking (SCS, EPB), seatbelt and buckle lifters
  • Test House for Functional, SIL, MIL, HIL, Bench and Integration Tests
  • LLD development, diagnostics (ISO 14299), CAN, LIN, I2C
  • Model Based software development
  • Motor controls and control algorithms
  • Steering and suspension systems

High-End Design and Styling

The lineage of a car is reflected in its lines, beauty and elegance and in its ability to bring an aesthetic concept to life. With Pininfarina as a part of Tech Mahindra, high-end design and styling is also a part of our capabilities.

  • Creative Research
    • Technical briefing and product briefing
    • Hand and digital sketching
    • Renderings
  • 3D Virtual Modelling
    • Virtual Modelling
    • Virtual reality visualization
    • Preliminary feasibility studies
    • Virtual Aerodynamics studies
  • 3D Physical Modelling
    • Reduced size and 1:1 scale mock-ups
    • Milling
    • Manual modelling
  • Refinement
    • Optical scanning
    • Reverse engineering
    • Wind Tunnel tests
    • Styling Feasibility
  • Model Creation
    • Realization of B class surfacing
    • Master model
    • Product feasibility

Electrical Systems

Tech Mahindra specializes in delivering vehicle and system level electrical systems including:

  • 3D Cabling
  • Electrical routing and wiring diagrams
  • Electrical line customization
  • Selection of harness components
  • Routing optimization

Virtual Design Simulation

Tech Mahindra offers vehicle and component level simulation services including:

  • Linear and non-linear structural aanalysis
  • Vibration and acoustics analysis
  • Rigidity and stability aanalysis
  • Crash, passenger safety and pedestrian safety analysis
  • Optimization (multi-disciplinary geometry and topology)
  • Flow analysis and thermal analysis

Embedded Systems

The percentage of electronics and software within modern automobiles is increasing. Tech Mahindra is a one stop shop for embedded engineering and integration services for OEMs and suppliers with an array of specialized engineering services.

  • System Design
    • Concept design
    • Market trend analysis
    • Product benchmarking
  • Hardware Design
    • ASIC / FPGA based design
    • Multilayer PCB design
    • Power electronics
    • Safety design
    • Prototyping and assembly
    • Modeling and simulation
  • Embedded Software
    • Bootloaders and BSP
    • Device driver
    • Migration across OS platforms
    • Real time solutions
    • Performance Optimization
    • DSP Algorithms
  • Product Sustenance
    • Value Engineering
    • Reliability analysis
    • Failure analysis
    • Obsolescence management
    • MCAD/ECAD support
    • Technical Publications

Tech Mahindra is a leader in developing solutions for connected cars. We are committed to ensuring our customers can deliver future ready features for the modern consumer, leveraging our cutting edge technology in next generation infotainment, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems (ADAS).

Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems (ADAS)

  • Control Algorithms
    • ADAS vehicle control algorithm software components
    • Software components based on ISO and SAE standards
    • Functional Safety – ISO 26262
  • Safety and Comfort      
    • Around View Monitoring
    • Pedestrian Detection
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Drowsiness Detection
  • Vehicle Integration
    • System level testing of applications
    • Vehicle testing support to different ADAS applications
    • Semi-automated test-bed framework


Tech Mahindra’s integrated solutions for Telematics are built on extensive data collection through the CAN Bus, advanced analytics, networking, mobility and cloud capabilities. Combined with Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication capabilities, our offerings are designed to enable new services and business models that will take the vehicle experience to new levels of comfort, convenience and safety.

Our integrated Telematics solution is a suite of cloud-based applications that offers our customers the option of economically managing a vehicle and also provides visibility into the workday of every driver in the field. The technology can even be deployed in aftermarket vehicles. The Connected Aftermarket solution enables a whole new business model for OEMs and dealers to enjoy a better relationship with the vehicle owner for vehicles already sold without the connected vehicle component.

Additionally, integrated solutions such as Driver Fatigue Monitoring encourage safety during driving, while our Local Vehicle Analytics solution collects data from the vehicle and runs advanced analytics to provide insight into driving behavior, which can be used to promote go green and eco driving.


Tech Mahindra provides next generation infotainment solutions that can reduce your cost and time-to-market. Our advanced HMI solution features exceptions user experience (UX) with graphics and 3D animation. We develop products that are highly functional, comfortable to operate, simple to upgrade and reliable.

  • Heads-up display and Driver Information Systems
  • Android based auto apps
  • V2X gateway solutions (Vehicle 2 Vehicle, Vehicle 2 Infra)
  • Reusable HMI frameworks

Read here for more information about our Connected Cars solutions and services.

  • Front door assembly: Designed and developed front door (including the prototyping and production support). Completed packaging and layouts along with BOM and DMU. Performed modal analysis and structural durability analysis, door slam and sag analysis. Responsible for vendor development and sourcing for the assembly.
  • Front fender: Designed and developed the front fender, creating a completely new styling for manufacturing and assembly that lead to reduced cost by 20%.
  • Electrical and electronics architecture benchmarking: Developed next-generation electrical and electronics technology roadmap for a leading truck manufacturer based in North America.
  • HMI behavioral study: Developed tools to allow fast HMI design iteration and evaluation of vehicle controls and displays in a vehicle cockpit environment.
  • Global Engineering Strategy: Developed and implemented the global engineering strategy for a leading Automotive Tier-1 supplier with operations spread across North America and Europe.
  • Electric Vehicle: Program management of motor and controller design for a leading OEM.
  • Engineering database divestiture: Led the program to split the entire engineering database on account of global brand divestiture for a leading OEM.
  • Electronic Power Steering: Achieved 20% cost reduction in the electronics system and saved over $10 million for a Tier-1 supplier.
  • Bumper Beam: Achieved $2.1 million savings and 60% weight reduction through Value Engineering for a global OEM.
  • Steering system: Migrated subsystems design for ISO 26262 compliance.
  • Airbags: Redesigned airbag reaction with reduced parts, weight and assembly operations for a global Tier-1 supplier to achieve 12% in cost savings.
  • Window systems: Improved reliability of motorized window winding system from 24% to 98% for a global Tier-1 supplier.

Let Tech Mahindra’s reliable, innovative and high performance automotive design and engineering solutions help you reduce cost and time-to-market, address business challenges and increase return on your investment. For more information, email us or contact us here

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