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Energy and Utilities

The Energy and Utilities industry plays a key role in the global economy. The industry also faces enormous challenges such as tighter regulations governing climate change and emissions. There is an impetus for renewable and alternate energy sources such as wind, solar, bio fuels etc. to meet growing power demand without affecting the environment. Using alternate energy sources to progressively meet demand and maintain load balancing requires significant technology expertise in power generation and grid technology.

Tech Mahindra has been helping global industry majors develop next generation products and technologies for several years. As a global partner of choice to industry majors, we help our customers adopt technology to tackle complex technology and engineering problems. We offer connected Energy and Utility engineering solutions for Oil and Gas, smart grids, micro grids and power equipment.

Energy and Utilities


  • Concept to design to manufacture ecosystem
  • End-to-end solutions starting from consulting to design support and validation to manufacturing support, Value Engineering and after-market services
  • Significant R&D investment in new product development
  • Focus on innovation with IP co-creation
  • Extensive global sourcing expertise with operations in China, India and Brazil
  • Flexible engagement models such as outcome based and fixed bids

Over the years, Tech Mahindra has provided engineering and design services to global conglomerates in the Energy and Utilities domain. We offer:

  • Significant domain expertise in rotating machinery, plant engineering and utilities
  • Expertise in Value Engineering with several Associated Value Engineering Specialist (AVS) certified value engineers
  • Expertise in Reliability Engineering, developing more than 50 reliability fixtures
  • Expertise in power generation equipment, turbo expanders, turbo compressors, offshore equipment
  • Connected solutions such as Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics leveraging next generation technologies in Networking, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Sensors and Security

Tech Mahindra has been helping global industry majors develop next generation products and technologies for several years. We offer the following engineering solutions and services for the Energy and Utilities industry:

  • Power equipment engineering
  • Utilities equipment engineering
  • Oil field equipment engineering
  • Geographic Information Solutions
  • Plant engineering
  • Piping engineering
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Model based enterprise solutions
  • Design automation solutions and Knowledge Based Engineering
  • Connected engineering like Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Controls and Automation Solutions
  • Intelligent platforms
  • Smart grid solutions
  • Data analytics (Digital Oil Field)
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Product sustenance
  • Manufacturing and cost management solutions
  • Global sourcing and vendor management solutions
  • Product validation and test automation (with sophisticated in-house labs)
  • Documentation solutions (data quality management and technical publications)

Tech Mahindra is a preferred outsourcing partner to several industry leaders in the energy and utilities space. We provide a range of engineering services and solutions uniquely tailored to address a broad spectrum of specific industry challenges in:

  • Oil and Gas
    • Upstream
    • Mid-stream
    • Downstream
    • Oil Field Services
  • Power Engineering
    • Power Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
  • Utilities
    • Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Retail

Oil and Gas

  • Upstream
    • ERP implementation
    • Asset Management and maintenance
  • Midstream
    • Automation and controls
    • Electrical, mechanical, civil detailed design
    • Piping Engineering
    • SCADA
    • GIS
    • Controls and Drives
  • Downstream
    • Market intelligence
  • Oil field services
    • Design and simulation services
    • Control engineering
    • Verification and Validation
    • Value Engineering
    • Manufacturing support

Product Lines Supported: Compressors and Mechanical Drives, Drilling Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation and Panels, Motors and Motor Controls, Pipelines, Valves and Pumps

Power Engineering

  • Power generation
    • Design and simulation services
    • Control engineering
    • Verification and Validation
    • Value Engineering
    • Manufacturing support
  •  Transmission
    • High power electrical equipment design
    • Power electronics design and development
    • Verification and Validation
    • Simulation
  • Distribution
    • Substation design
    • HMI
    • SCADA
    • Advance metering infrastructure (AMI)
    • Metering and communications
    • Home area networking (HAN)

Product Lines Supported: Steam and Gas Turbines, Engines, Pressure Vessels, Pumps, Storage Tanks, Reactors, Power Plants


  • Outage Management
  • Plant simulation
  • Automation and SCADA
  • Energy trading
  • Power electronics
  • Smart metering
  • Network management

Product Lines Supported: Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), Smart Grids, Micro Grids

  • Plant Engineering Services

  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Piping engineering
  • Documentation and Technical Publications

Engineering Information Management (EIM)

Engineering Information Management consulting and road map development Technology selection Solution architecture Document management services Record and Reports management Knowledge management Data management Information governance Advisory support

Embedded Engineering Services

Feasibility studies and analysis Concept design Hardware design Industrial design Embedded software design Rapid prototyping Verification and Validation Global sourcing Manufacturing Engineering EMI/EMC Compliance and certification FCC, IEC, UL compliance Obsolescence Management

Mechanical Engineering Services

Aero path definition Mechanical design Sealing systems design Structural analysis Rotor dynamics Thermal analysis Gas flow path analysis Dynamics analysis Technical Publications

Consulting and Value Driven Engineering Services

Global consulting Reliability engineering Should Costing Value Engineering Competitive benchmarking Six Sigma and Lean

Managed Services

Installation Commissioning Data Acquisition Analytics 24x7 Operation Support Maintenance

Product Lifecycle Services

Product design, development and support Industrial and concept design Modeling and detailing Design automation and customization

  • Design automation (CAD and analysis tools)
  • Process automation (engineering workflow, change management and drawing release process)
  • Engineering application development
  • Automated BOM and 2D drawings

Engineering validation (CAE)

  • Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Computational Electro-Magnetics (CEM)

Manufacturing and Sourcing support

  • CNC and CMM programming
  • Tool design – tools and fixtures
  • Vendor qualification and management

Technical Publications

  • Illustrated parts catalogue
  • Assembly, maintenance and operation manuals
  • Tech Mahindra is a leader in developing connected solutions for the Energy and Utilities industry. Our range of solutions across Home Energy Management, Smart Grids and Micro Grids are designed to deliver comprehensive solutions to the globe’s energy problems.

    Home Energy Management System Gateway

  • TR-069 compliant Auto Configuration Servers (ACS)
  • Open ADR
  • Reusable architecture
  • MySQL database
  • JVM on Linux
  • Secured Wi-Fi communication with in-house display (IHD)

Home Energy Management System IHD

  • Read more about our smart energy solutions here.

    Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

    An extraordinary array of equipment and machinery power these processes. Even minor problems can lead to shutdowns of several hours, which could have far reaching ramifications. This is especially true for critical equipment.

    It is essential that mission critical equipment have 100% uptime. Unplanned shut downs and maintenance can create a domino effect across the entire value chain, affecting production and disrupting supply chains.

    Tech Mahindra has developed future ready Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics solution that are designed to ensure uptime and availability of your critical equipment. The solution leverages leverage connected technologies such as networking, analytics, mobility and the cloud to constantly monitor critical assets and run analytics to ensure availability.

  • Flexible and open platform
  • Reusable UI and architecture
  • Real time data and archive data and reports
  • Designed on Android
  • Home Energy Management System Home Area Network (HAN)

  • ZigBee enabled HAN
  • Secure communication between all home appliances
  • Universal Smart Network Access Port (USNAP) and Z-Wave based communication
  • Home Energy Management System Meter Interface

  • Secured ZigBee wireless communication using SEP
  • Gather real-time data from meters
  • Supports all types of meters
  • Plant Automation: Performed a plant automation that increased the plant throughput by 5-10% through process automation. Reduced the energy costs through sub-systems redesign and increased the process efficiency by 20-30% with our expertise in Value Engineering and Six Sigma.
  • Design Validation: Improved concept design of existing ROV Frame as per ABS guidelines. Optimized design for easier and faster fabrication and assembly of ROV Frame.
  • Detailed Plant Engineering: Layout preparation for equipment, piping, cable routing and stress/flexibility analysis for combined cycle power plant.
  • Hydraulic Dual Packer: Designed and developed hydraulic dual packer with increased predictability. Design and developed test fixture and test Packer according to API standard. Reduced the cost of Packer by 40%.
  • Down-hole Data Retriever: Minimized the time taken to retrieve data from the tool-chain upon bit retrieval from the well. Support for various high speed communication interface for data retrieval on the rig for analysis.
  • Cooling Water Pump: Reduced the total cycle time to 92% from design stage to creation of manufacturing drawings.
  • Automation for Smart Grid Devices: Developed a state of the art, modular, scalable Smart grid devices Test Bench for Functional, Performance, Compliance, Acceptance and Interoperability testing with multiple connectivity options in a single solution.
  • 15MW Power Plant Design: PDS designer for implementation of piping components with design calculation details. Frame work plus implementation of structural components. Visual interpretation of plant components before construction. Automatic generation of layouts, BOM and Isometrics
  • Solar-Wind Hybrid Power for Rural Cell Sites:  Designed and developed a unique solar wind hybrid integrated solution. Intelligent load controller to supervise and control all the four sources of energy.

Let Tech Mahindra’s range of Utilities and Energy Engineering services and solutions help transform your business to meet extraordinary consumer and regulatory demands. For more information, email us or contact us here



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