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Industrial Engineering

On the one hand, the Industrial segment requires technology intensive products with long product cycles. On the other, consumers are demanding radical and connected solutions that have the potential to transform lives and businesses. However, in both cases, demand is shifting towards emerging markets. Companies must address the need for product localization, new technologies and features and conform to regulations for environment and safety.

Tech Mahindra brings more than a decade’s experience in end-end engineering solutions and services for the consumer goods and industrial segments. Our significant technology expertise We in off-highway equipment, machinery, electrical and electronic equipment and HVAC systems and across various next generation technologies such as Machine to Machine (M2M) applications, Internet of Things, intelligent systems, etc. means we deliver future ready connected engineering solutions that transform businesses.


  • 360 degree engineering services from concept and design, product development to product sustenance and sourcing support
  • Global delivery footprint and a comprehensive ecosystem of partners for global programs
  • Focus on delivering value through Value Engineering and Global Sourcing
  • Flexible engagement and delivery models
  • Operate offshore design centers for industry majors
  • Expertise in end-to-end design for special purpose equipment design and electrical product engineering
  • Expertise in end-to-end design projects in hydraulic component and system design
  • Consultancy and program management for Tier 4 emission compliance
  • Expertise in Mechatronics, including automation, sensor development, system engineering and servo system design
  • Expertise in re-engineering, reverse engineering, tear down analysis and analytics projects
  • Design partnership for New Product Introductions and product improvement programs across product categories such as motor graders, backhoe loaders, wheel tractor scrapers, excavators, compactors, mining vehicles, track-type loaders
  • Rigorous processes for robust designs including Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Design for Reliability (DFR), Value Engineering (VA/VE) and New Product Development (NPD)
  • Product localization and cost innovation solutions for emerging markets
  • Expertise with global standards, quality systems, performance testing procedures, certification and compliance requirements

Tech Mahindra is one of the leading industrial engineering technology solution providers for customers in the industrial and consumer appliances segment. We offer engineering solutions across: 

  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Electronics solutions and reusable frameworks
  • Value Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Tier 4 emission compliance
  • Hydraulics design
  • Mechatronics
  • Design and simulation
  • Embedded engineering
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Global sourcing

Industrial and Security

  • Industrial and concept design 
  • Design support 
  • Product design 
  • Engineering analysis 
  • Embedded systems
  • Instrumentation and controls 
  • Mechatronics 
  • Process and Piping Engineering 
  • eConfigurator 
  • Technical Publications
  • Should Costing and Value Engineering
  • Global sourcing 
  • CAD customization 
  • Reliability Analysis

Product Line Support: Fluid Handling Equipment, Material Handling, Motion Control Equipment, Remote Monitoring and Detection Systems, Motor Controllers 

Electrical Equipment

  • Metering equipment
  • Envelop design and configuration
  • Switch board design
  • Controller configuration
  • HMI development 
  • Power data capture tools
  • Network development  and data centers
  • Data analytics and support services
  • Substation development
  • Enclosure/panel/drawer engineering design
  • Bus way configuration, connection diagrams
  • Advanced simulation - NVH, short circuit, protection , thermal structural analyses  
  • Product testing and validation
  • System Integration
  • Verification and Validation for embedded systems
  • Global sourcing and product localization
  • Should Costing and Value Engineering
  • Product catalogues and service manuals

Product Line Support: Power and Energy Monitoring, Power and Energy Distribution such as Enclosures, Bus Ways, Cable Trays, Test Benches 

Industrial Equipment

  • Design to Build solutions
  • Comprehensive testing and manufacturing support through ecosystem partnerships
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Should Costing and Value Engineering
  • Global sourcing

Product Line Support: Industrial Equipment such as Semiconductor Equipment, Textile Machinery, Paper Machinery, Packing Machinery, Material handling Equipment, Printing Machinery and Point-of-Sale Equipment such as Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), Dispensing Machines, Custom Equipment for Labs 

  • Industrial Automation
  • Consulting services
  • Plant modeling
  • Plant design and engineering
  • Erection and installation
  • Commissioning services
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Refrigeration Solutions
    • Design and engineering improvement for new platforms
    • Part count reduction by standardization
    • Energy reduction by cabinet air flow optimization by developing energy roadmap for meeting future energy regulations
    • Ice rate improvement and ice dispenser design implementation capability
    • Feature design of  case and door rack/shelves/bins
    • Optimization of lighting system including LED lighting
    • Green engineering using alternate foam, refrigerant qualification and vacuum panels for energy efficient products
    • Complete controls design, programming and optimization of system solutions
  • Washing and Drying Solutions
    • Design support for vertical axis and horizontal axis washer products
    • Steam assist system to inject steam into the washer during a wash cycle
    • Redesign of structural subsystem and components in dishwasher and washers for wash and spin performance improvement
    • Conversion of the washer and dryer pedestals into functional utility products like dispenser, mini dryer etc.
    • Diagnostic software tool to enable service technicians diagnose issues in real-time and save overall service cost
  • Dishwashers
    • Optimized rack design and tine positioning in different place settings for improved wash and dry performance
    • Sensor based systems for water temperature, dirt management to improve wash performance
    • Expertise in feature implementation like automatic sensor based dispensing, premium appearance (handles and door finish), front and sleek-top controls, LED lighting etc.
    • Firmware development with software architecture using Quantum Framework for enhanced modularity and reusability for future NPIs
    • Firmware development  for smart grid appliance product development for future integration with utilities
  • Cooking Solutions
    • Designing electric and gas cooking range, ovens and cook tops
    • Oven cooking performance enhancement by element design and placement, airflow management, thermal Insulation design etc.
    • Structural design of doors, oven cavity and cook tops for superior fit, feel, finish, safety and reliability
    • Optimization of space design and packaging for better oven capacity
    • Development of controls and embedded programming algorithms for electronic systems
    • Exposure to different cooking technologies like induction, convection and non-convection
  • Small Household Appliances
    • Product localization and electro-mechanics
    • Industrial design, design of modular systems, reverse engineering , digital mock-up and human machine interface (HMI)
    • Product testing for EHS/Regulatory requirements (RoHS, UL)
    • Documentation Control Management and sourced product management support

New Product development

  • Derivative products design
  • Platform changes
  • Innovation and technology programs
  • Prototype, test and validate
  • New features and feature upgrades
  • Advanced analysis
  • Appearance

Systems Engineering

  • System and subsystem performance prediction
  • DFSS/DFR/DoE studies
  • Six Sigma for process improvements
  • Testing for EHS/Regulatory requirements (RoHS, UL)

Reliability Engineering

  • Reliability Test Plan creation and testing
  • Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • Warranty Analysis
  • Software reliability estimation and prediction

Electronics Engineering

  • Software development and verification
  • Develop diagnostic and testing software tools
  • Firmware development
  • PCB layout design and development

CAD Management

  • 3D database development
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Top down design
  • Harnessing
  • Customization
  • Technical Publications
  • Cataloging services


  • Structural analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • CFD analysis
  • Dynamic system simulation
  • Mold flow

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Continuous benchmarking based on cost, features and performance
  • Data for strategic decision making
  • Analysis for multi-generation product and technology plans
  • Identifying cost-out opportunities
  • Address key performance gaps

Value Engineering

  • Teardown and competitive Benchmarking analysis
  • Component simplification
  • Material change and modularity
  • Should Costing
  • Supplier Change

Global Sourcing

  • Raw material and component sourcing
  • EHS and supplier audits
  • Supplier selection, development, quality and program management
  • 3rd party lab qualifications and regulatory certifications

Process Engineering

  • Plant design and engineering
    • 3d modeling and plant simulation
    • Digital manufacturing
    • P&ID, plant layout design
    • Electrical and civil engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
    • Methods and Planning
    • Tools and fixture design
    • NC and CMM programming
  • Industrial Automation
    • Real time data collection
    • Controller programming
    • HMI, SCADA
    • Test automation
  • Robotics
    • System engineering
    • Robot programming
    • Advanced process control
    • Knowledge based self-training
  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Tier-4 Compliance: Packaged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for achieving Tier-4 compliance for an existing product and resolved resulting implications on visibility, electrical and hydraulic routing, structural rigidity, air flow and cooling for a global construction equipment manufacturer.
  • Should Costing: Saved over $30 million by analyzing current process and developing cost models for supplier negotiation. We delivered over 3500 Should Cost models.
  • Value Engineering: Achieved 20% material reduction in the redesign of check valve body for reducing the manufacturing cost.
  • FEA for Life Improvement: Optimized the design for a heavy mining and construction truck by minimizing excessive design while still meeting durability targets.
  • Hydraulic and Electric Systems: Achieved a 40% reduction in design cycle time by automated routing for Hydraulic and Electrical systems for a global off-highway equipment manufacturer.
  • Structures: Reduced number of ripper frame variants from eight to one by standardizing ripper frame assembly of track type tractor for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • Electrical Equipment: Design support for drawers for low voltage switch gears for a global electrical equipment manufacturer.
  • Electronic Rack Assembly: Value engineering of Electronic Rack Assembly for improving functionality and achievement of cost reduction by 80% for single build.
  • Service Diagnostic Tool: Developed service diagnostic tools for refrigeration technicians to help identify root causes of failures.
  • Platform Subsystem Design: Designed the complete structure and storage subsystems for a new refrigerator platform.
  • Cooling System Standardization: Realized an annualized project saving of US $1.6 million for the customer through standardization of refrigeration cooling systems across different 25 cu.ft platforms.
  • Frameless Door: Achieved savings of over $2 million for a customer in one year through elimination of door liner and frame tape assembly by designing a new integrated liner for built-in oven products.

Let Tech Mahindra’s Industrial Engineering Technology Solutions & Services expertise help you address complex business challenges, manage your assets more efficiently by maximizing your innovation and conform to regulation. For more information, email us or contact us here.

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