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The Transportation industry has traditionally been associated with economic growth. Its value in large scale inland people and cargo movement is unparalleled. However, the growth of the global rail industry also faces several major challenges. Factors like operational efficiency, resource utilization and infrastructure optimization are some of the biggest challenges faced by the rail industry. Safer and faster mass transport systems and efficient freight movement and tracking are key focus areas for the industry.

Tech Mahindra is a partner of choice to the rail industry, offering a range of connected transportation engineering services and solutions. Our expertise across rail signaling, rolling stock, positive train control implementation, rail infrastructure and communication means we help the transportation industry transform to meet extraordinary consumer and regulatory demands. 

Tech Mahindra Rail Engineering Solutions & Services


Tech Mahindra has several years of experience supporting global leaders with sustainable, cost effective solutions across safety, communications, product design, sustenance and technological upgrades.

  • Experienced with American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA), Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) standards
  • End-to-end solutions for railway operations in planning and management, signaling and telecommunication with our in-house expertise and through alliance partners
  • Extended development capabilities across mechanical engineering, embedded systems and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Expertise in positive train control (PTC) architecture and implementation methodology. See our solution offerings for PTC.
  • Expertise in Safety and Reliability Engineering
  • Expertise in managing the complete inventory of wayside and onboard devices

Tech Mahindra is a partner of choice to global rail industry leaders. Our engineering services and solutions to the global Transportation industry encompass rail signaling, rolling stock, positive train control implementation, rail infrastructure and communication:

  • Positive Train Control to address rail safety by preventing collisions, derailments
  • Product Design and homologation for design standardization, design and structural analysis for high speed applications
  • Interlocking Design Algorithms for application development and circuit design
  • Telematics and Geographical Information System (GIS)-based solutions for remote asset tracking and monitoring
  • 360 degree engineering services from concept and design, product development to installations and commissioning
  • Associated with premier training institutes for signaling and telecommunications
  • License holders in the field of railway signaling and telecommunications
  • Focus on delivering value through Value Engineering and Global Sourcing
  • Flexible engagement and delivery models

Rolling Stock

Tech Mahindra offers rolling stock solutions for metros, tramways, regional trains, suburban trains, freight trains and locomotives. Our engineering services and solutions rolling stock include:

  • Car body
  • Interiors and subsystems
  • Bogey, truck and braking systems
  • Subsystems
  • Interiors
  • Under slung equipment
  • Traction and electric power supply

Engineering Services: Homologation, Design, Selection, Layout and Installation, Electrical Wiring Layout and Harness Design, Ducts and Piping, EN Compliance, Proposal Engineering, Documentation, Spares and Inventory Management

Signal Engineering

  • Wayside Signaling Systems
  • Communication Systems

Engineering Services: Hardware Engineering, Application Engineering, Safety Case Analysis, Product Sustenance, Electronics and Embedded Engineering, Vital and Non-vital Software

Standards: AREMA, CENELEC, AASHTO NEC, British Railroad Standards, FRA Guidelines, Regional Codes (MUTCD)

Positive Train Control (PTC)

PTC is a predictive collision avoidance technology that can stop a train before an accident occurs. Because of its complex design and requirements, PTC is not an off-the-shelf system or software application that can be implemented quickly. The primary functions of PTC are:

  • Preventing train to train collisions
  • Preventing over-speed derailments
  • Preventing incursions into work zone limits
  • Preventing movements through a switch left in the wrong position
  • Providing interoperability between PTC systems of different railroads

PTC system provides public benefits through a reduction in risk to railroad passengers and railroad employees and would potentially improve the efficiency of the national railroad network. We provide a range of services and solutions targeted at PTC:

  • PTC program management
  • PTC readiness assessment
  • PTC professional services
  • Safety consultancy
  • Requirements definition and management
  • Architecture design and support
  • Application design and development
  • Systems engineering
  • Technical publications
  • PTC testing and validation
  • Segment testing
  • Nearest neighbor testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Field integration testing
  • Field qualification testing
  • Commissioning
  • PTC system integration
  • Railroad asset management
  • Installation services
  • Training and simulation solutions
  • PTC hardware  design, development and customizations
  • PTC software design, development and customizations
  • PTC maintenance and support services


  • Shell structure contour and shape design
  • Frame design
  • Design of ceiling, side and end panels
  • Design of floor, sub floors, cubicles
  • HVAC control design
  • Suspension design
  • Design of wheel set

Design of Loadings

  • FEA
  • Crash analysis
  • NVH analysis
  • CFD analysis
  • Air flow analysis


  • Safety validation
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Design documentation
  • Design validation
  • Technical Publication
  • Routing (electrical and pneumatic)
  • Reliability studies
  • Emission requirements

EN Compliance

  • Safety validation
  • Hazardous Materials validation
  • Motive power and equipment validation
  • Signal and train control
  • Crashworthy validation
  • Track inspection and maintenance applications

Proposal Engineering

  • Sizing and scaling
  • Product specification definition
  • Requirement analysis
  • Safety requirements
  • Product costing


  • Design and development of hardware for vital, non-vital controls
  • System Engineering and Model Based Development (MBD)
  • Compliance testing

Electronics and Embedded Engineering

  • Software and applications development
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Firmware design and development
  • Obsolescence management

Application Engineering

  • Vital and non-vital application logic
  • Location case design
  • Interlocking house design
  • Interface circuits
  • Relay rack and fuse analysis
  • Relay contact charts

Safety Case Analysis

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis FME(C)A
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)
  • Maintainability Analysis (MA)
  • Software Safety Analysis (SSA)

Product Sustenance

  • Software feature enhancements
  • Migration from old platforms
  • Obsolescence management and RoHS compliance
  • Value Engineering and re-engineering

Vital and Non-vital Software

  • Non-vital control software
  • PC based simulation software
  • New application software development
  • Application support and maintenance

Verification and Validation

  • Design validation testing
  • Silicon and platform testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Safety and reliability testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Test automation and system management
  • Test rigs development
  • Test consulting, planning and execution
  • Design to Build: Re-designed to cost and quality and performed localization, including sourcing from India.
  • Design to Cost/Weight: Designed interior ceiling to suit metro rail coaches and to meet the technical specifications, industrial design, target weight and cost. Prototyped and manufacture the ceiling in India.
  • Design and Supply of Metro Seats: Designed the 2-seater and 7-seater chairs for Metro rail coaches and supply for production.
  • Concept Design of Poly Phase Induction Traction System: Designed a Poly Phase Induction Traction System using a unique rocker arm bogie system and variable stiffness suspension system for an elevated rail.
  • Cabin Noise Reduction: Reduced the noise levels within the cabin by 5 decibels by performing coupled acoustic analysis.
  • Locomotive Engine: Performed the assembly and redesign of the cooling system and lube oil systems to suit new interface.
  • Design of Signal Location Case: Designed location case of intermediate signals and crossings, adhering to American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA), NEC and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) standards, by designing audio frequency for individual track circuits.
  • Application Logic and Interface Design for Different Interlocking Systems: Upgraded and modified signaling system with faster response for easier maintenance and fault diagnosis.
  • Complete Design and Engineering of Radiator Shutter: Redesigned sub-system with standard components. Prepared the prototype and tested for reliability.
  • Real-Time Asset Tracking and Monitoring System: Real time monitoring of assets remotely by troubleshooting problems with online data of the asset and sending short message service (SMS) alerts to maintenance desk.
  • Value engineering: 7-8% savings in inventory carrying cost by standardizing the components of key sub-systems keeping the variation at the minimum
  • Grade Crossing Predictor (GCP) 4000: Warning and operating solutions for highway grade crossing using GCP 4000 system based on the inputs.
  • Highway Crossing Warning System: Warning systems for highway grade crossing to be compatible with interlocking systems.
  • Upgrading Signaling System for Positive Train Control (PTC) Implementation: Enhanced signaling and communication system to be compatible with PTC system.

Let Tech Mahindra’s high performance rail engineering solutions and services help transform your business to meet extraordinary consumer and regulatory demands. For more information, email us or contact us here.

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