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Motor Vehicle Enterprise Solution (MOVES) is for modernizing Department of Motor Vehicles’ business operations. MOVES addresses the needs of financially constrained state and local governments to move into the future with a proven software platform that not only delivers a better DMV customer experience but also reduces the risk of implementation.

MOVES is based on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, robust and flexible software that enables DMVs to:

  • Focus on the DMV business rather than the technical complexities of implementation
  • Enhance service delivery to citizens using multiple channels by leveraging the citizen-centric infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Use built-in features to get a 360-degree view of citizen relationships and a consolidated view of all business functions
  • Provide comprehensive role-based security out-of-the-box and configurable to a jurisdiction’s policies
  • Establish business processes upfront and execute them in the background easily and effectively
  • Reduce training time by using a familiar user interface that looks and acts like Microsoft Office
  • Deploy a flexible, scalable and extensible solution that will reduce the cost of change and operations.

Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) leverages technology from Citrix Systems, Microsoft and Liquidware Labs. Tech Mahindra’s WaaS is a hosted managed new world workspace solution that offers a unique opportunity for customers to embark on the virtual desktop computing journey. It allows the flexibility of dedicated, pooled or shared virtual desktops or applications that can be accessed any time, from anywhere, using any device.

WaaS provides innovative user profiling and assessment methodology for analyzing the various roles within an organization and their suitability to adopt workspace virtualization. This methodology provides an end-to-end solution to a customer, starting with user segmentation, defining various workspace usage roles, identification of best-fit users, creation of high level design and definition of a business case. This methodology is based on industry proven framework, data from Liquidware Lab’s tools and Tech Mahindra workspace transformation toolkit.

WaaS provides services such as on-demand application delivery, automated workflow-based provisioning, usage-based metering and charge back, along with the freedom to choose your own workspace from a service catalog. The entire service enables freedom from desktop management overhead while ensuring the boundaries of data security.

The WaaS solution is made possible by industry leading technologies of Windows Server Hyper-V, application-level virtualization enabled by Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), and management provided by Microsoft System Center.

WaaS can be provided as a hosted on-premise solution within the customer datacenter or on a dedicated infrastructure at a Tech Mahindra-hosted data center. Tech Mahindra also offers a flexible financial model, including per desktop, usage-based pricing to alleviate the financial burden on the customer.

Tech Mahindra has a core team of solution architects who are well experienced in taking the customer from Proof-of-Concept (POC) to production, followed by a managed-services journey. Tech Mahindra has developed a delivery methodology to make the transition from traditional desktop environments easier by using pre-defined success criteria, tools, processes and engagement models. To further facilitate the process, Tech Mahindra has developed the concept of ‘Demo-in-a-Box’ to enable customers to experience workspace virtualization. This will further reduce the time to install, configure and implement a demo environment as now it will come as a pre-configured hardware setup that can be plugged into a customer environment.


Business Needs

iDecisions™, the intellectual property (IP) of Tech Mahindra, is a packaged, customization-friendly, open BI application with a suite of industry solutions for industries including banking, insurance, telecom, education, manufacturing, retail, travel and logistics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare. The solution also provides horizontal offerings for finance, human resources, procurement, sales, and customer intelligence.

iDecisions™ contains industry best practices such as key performance indicators (KPIs), logical data models, analytical templates, dashboards, and processes. The IP itself is technology-agnostic and works with any user interface, database, and extract, transform and load (ETL) tool. The solution helps speed time-to-market for BI solutions and significantly mitigates the risk of failed implementation.

Customers have the option of deploying iDecisions™ BI solutions on any tool stack, or they can look at integrating the solution with their existing infrastructure. However, these approaches could result in a complex, expensive solution that uses an assortment of disparate products. So Tech Mahindra decided to offer customers another option –they could deploy a prebuilt BI solution bundled with an integrated BI tool stack Solution

As an early adopter of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise data management software, Tech Mahindra believed that Microsoft had the right platform for its BI solutions. When Tech Mahindra began exploring SQL Server products, it was already looking forward to implementing its BI solutions in the cloud with the Windows Azure platform and services and products such as Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure. Some customers could go directly to the cloud to build new infrastructure and take advantage of cloud-based scalability, while others might choose a hybrid cloud solution.

End users can work with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot in Microsoft Excel 2010, which includes the SQL Server 2012 xVelocity in-memory analytics engine. The engine features columnar indexes and runs in-memory in Excel to provide blazing performance. They can also use Power View, an interactive data exploration tool with a graphical user interface that operates in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and provides powerful custom reporting capabilities.


Tech Mahindra can cut implementation time and costs, improve user experience, and support future innovations with a Microsoft BI solution that includes cloud deployment.

Easier Deployment and Faster Time-to- Market

Tech Mahindra believes that customers worldwide will have an easier deployment and faster time-to-market with the iDecisions™ framework and Microsoft products. “From a business perspective, SQL Server 2012 with its built-in BI capabilities will be quite attractive to customers,” says Koona. The iDecisions-based BI solution on a Microsoft platform offers a very affordable and compelling solution.”

Rapid implementation will also help companies cut costs and achieve faster return on investment.

Cloud-Based Opportunities

Tech Mahindra can introduce more customers to its BI solutions with cloud-based deployment. According to Tech Mahindra, the Windows Azure platform is ideal for companies that want to avoid lengthy deployment or additional infrastructure investment. ”If a customer wants to implement a reporting service in a traditional environment, he might need to purchase a server and a whole stack of software, and it could take a couple of months to implement the project,” says Bhaskar Thungathurti, Senior Solution Architect at Tech Mahindra. “But with Windows Azure, I can start generating reports within days and pay for infrastructure on a pay-per-use basis.”

Improved End-User Experience

In addition to easing deployment, the streamlined solution also offers a better working environment for end users. “The moment they log on to the SharePoint 2010 portal, they can do all of their daily work—including documentation, reporting, and dashboarding—all at one place,” says Thungathurti. “As a result, they save time and they’re more productive.”

Better Platform for Business Intelligence

The Tech Mahindra and Microsoft solution provides a better platform for business intelligence, and the company anticipates an expanding opportunities the BI marketplace for its offering.


Success Stories

Know how Tech Mahindra automated accounts and helped improve productivity for a leading bank.

Know how Tech Mahindra automated accounts and helped improve productivity for a leading bank.

The client is one of the banking majors in the Middle-East.

Learn how the world’s largest beverage company benefited by improving the accuracy and quality of information

Learn how the world’s largest beverage company benefited by improving the accuracy and quality of information

The customer is a world’s largest beverage company.

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