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The Tech Mahindra Microsoft Synergy

Tech Mahindra’s relationship with Microsoft over the last seven years has been a rewarding one encompassing Partner, Vendor and Customer dimensions. Holding all the three dimensions together and guiding them into a unified direction is the compelling vision of the relationship.

Tech Mahindra Microsoft Synergy Vision

"To build a robust Global Microsoft partnership that exemplifies deep, mutually beneficial engagement, driven by high service valuation and consistent customer delight in all segments."

Tech Mahindra and Microsoft share a deeply committed partnership to provide ‘best-in-breed’ industry and technology solutions to enterprise customers. Over last four years, partner dimension has achieved multi-dimensional growth across geographies, competency areas and domains:

  • Geographies – USA (East & West Coasts), APAC, ANZ, EMEA
  • Major verticals of focus –
  • g, Insurance, BFS
  • Core Competencies– Infrastructure,BI, MS Dynamics, .NET and Duet

Tech Mahindra is honored to receive the Communications Sector Partner of the Year Award for 2011 from Microsoft. The award signifies the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and having the closest working relationship with Microsoft. Tech Mahindra provides engineering services to Microsoft, develops and implements MS Products and custom built solutions in the field. Currently, Tech Mahindra has a multifaceted relationship with Microsoft especially in the Communication Sector which involves the following roles:

  • MS Development Partner in Redmond
    • Product Development of Microsoft Enterprise Cube (MEC), the first comprehensive Microsoft BI solution/product
    • Joint development of core components & frameworks for the MS Product Engineering Group
    • Working with Microsoft R&D Center Product Group
  • MS Communication Sector Partner
    • Preferred partner for communication sector worldwide – Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    • Tech Mahindra was awarded “Microsoft Communication Sector Asia Pacific Star Strategic Partner Award 2008”
  • MS Consulting and Integration Partner
    • System Integrations in collaboration with MS – over 50 deployments of Microsoft products worldwide
    • Strategic global alliance with Microsoft as System Integrator for Microsoft Media room
  • Microsoft Reseller for MS Dynamics
    • Global SPA (Solution Provider Agreement) with Microsoft
  • MSTV Partner
    • Identified as SI for MSTV Deployments worldwide
    • Tech Mahindra has set up a state-of-the-art MSTV Lab at its facility in India
    • Undergone MSTV specific training with Microsoft
    • Joint selling with MS for enabling BPOS for Telcos across the globe
    • PoC on pre-integrated SDP for enabling BPOS
    • Set-up a Cloud Lab at its offshore facility in India
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