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Solution Offerings

TechM’s PLM CoE believes in associating with customers to ease their business challenges. Need of the hour solutions like “Conflict Minerals”, PLM Mobility are available in multiple PLM tools, thereby giving our customers an ability to adapt to the situation quickly. Analysts like Gartner rank our services and ability very high. We have partnered with our Alliance partners to co-develop solutions like MBOM, and, Mobility Apps to name a few. Our solutions have also been recognized as “Best Solutions” in various prestigious forums, like Oracle Value Chain Summit.

Manufacturing Bill-of-Materials (MBOM) solution

The Manufacturing Bill-of-Materials (MBOM) solution is designed for discrete manufacturing industries with multiple design locations across the globe. The solution allows flexible multi-plant MBOM definition and yet enforces engineering design intent.

Global Pack Management (GPM) solution

The Global Pack Management (GPM) solution is designed for life sciences industry to provide an enterprise-wide system for creating and managing a library of packaging elements to master product information. The solution ensures consistent packaging and eliminates product recall.

PLM Quality Audit Management solution

The PLM Quality Audit Management solution is designed for retail industry. The solution enables brand owners and manufacturers use collaborative technology to improve product quality by automating and streamlining quality audit processes.

Product Portfolio Management solution

Product Portfolio Management solution for telecom industry enables customers to manage the right portfolio of services. The solution provides visibility to suppliers and user community with an aim to reduce time to market.

Electronic Training Record (ETR) solution

The Electronic Training Record (ETR) is a solution developed in Agile PLM to maintain and track the training requirements of users in the pharmacy industries.

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution provides real-time visibility into resources, budgets, costs, programs, projects and overall IT demand. The solution provides real-time insight into:

  • Proposal initiation
  • Justification
  • Review-to-project initiation
  • Execution and deployment
  • Benefits realization

Product Quality Management

The Product Quality Management solution is designed to track various costs associated with product development, thereby helping in identification of recurring or genetic product problems and the subsequent resolution of these problems. The solution ensures that the problems are not passed from one product generation to the next.

Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory Compliance solution is designed to address the compliance requirements of hi-tech, food and beverage industries. The solution enables customers to remain in compliance with the governmental regulations and internal corporate guidelines.

Product Configuration Management

The Product Configuration Management solution provides tools to control and document product changes. The solution allows large teams to work together in a stable environment, while still providing the flexibility required for creative work. The solution provides options to configure product at various points in the development lifecycle.

Product Publishing

The Product Publishing solutions are designed to address the challenges faced by customers in providing latest and accurate product information. The solution provides tools to author, manage, publish and deliver product information.

Requirements Management

The Requirements Management solution provides tools and templates to capture software project requirements. The solution ensures that the requirements are validated and accepted.

Product Classification and BOM Product Structure

The Product Classification and BOM Product Structure solution is designed to resolve engineering design issues. The solution provides a hierarchical classification of the items that form a product. Also, the solution contains best practices to share the product information across the organization.

Product Visualization and Digital Mockup

The Product Visualization and Digital Mockup solution is designed address the modern day challenges in visualization mockup analysis and simulation operations. The solution enables customers to share product information online across the organization.

Workflows, Collaboration, and Reporting and Analytics

The Workflows, Collaboration, and Reporting and Analytics solution is designed to provide enterprise-wide risk management dashboard to customers. The workflow tools of the solution provide an illustration of a sequence of operations. The collaboration tools in the solution bring together the knowledge, experience and skills of the employees.

Product Cost Management

The Product Cost Management solution is designed to integrate cost management and profitability analysis at the corporate, design and manufacturing levels. The solution provides online information required by customer to make crucial decisions such as impact analysis on cost due to product changes.

Material Sourcing

The Material Sourcing solution is designed to help the sourcing team in the customer organization to solve issues in direct material sourcing. The solution provides real-time information about product, changes and supplier capabilities.

Digital Manufacturing and Process Management

The Digital Manufacturing and Process Management solutions are designed to solve the challenges faced by the manufacturing industries. The solution enables customers to streamline the manufacturing processes, reduce inventory cost and realize faster ROI. The solutions provide greater visibility to manufacturing resources and access to right information at the right time, irrespective of the location.

Aftermarket Support

The Aftermarket Sales and Service Support are provided as part of the PLM solution for the automotive and discrete manufacturing industries. The services enable software tools to deliver world-class spares support and maintenance, repair and overhaul processes.

End-of-Life Management

The End-of-Life Management solution enables customers to implement best practices for disposing products in a safe and environment friendly way.

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