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IDC features Centralized Agile Testing : Process Becomes the Hero

"This IDC Customer examines how Philips engaged with Tech Mahindra to successfully re-engineer its Testing Process". Download the report to know more.

IDC features BT & Tech Mahindra’s Global Test Factory

This IDC Customer Spotlight examines how BT, a global telecommunications provider, implemented a Global Test Factory solution to deliver on-time, high quality, cost-effective solutions across multiple lines of business. Download the report to learn more.


Nelson Hall covers Tech Mahindra’s ‘DevOps’ solution in their latest opinion blog.

In this report, Nelson Hall elaborates on how we have positioned Service Virtualization and Application Release Automation as a way of automating the full cycle from development to testing and distribution in the context of Agile development and testing. Full report can be read here


Click here to watch the Philips Testimonial Video

Click here to watch the Vodafone Testimonial Video

Click here to watch the KPN Testimonial Video

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Transforming Business Today, for Tomorrow.

Tech Mahindra’s mobility solutions lets you connect to your world anywhere, anytime.

Tech Mahindra’s in-house automation framework provides greater Agility to the automation teams.

Providing Structured approach to mobile application testing.

Automated Test Assurance (ATA): An automated software testing service provided by Tech Mahindra.

Our solution helps you to accelerate time to market, eliminates long release cycles, release failures keeping the cost low.

A Reliable Migration Methodology for HP Quality Center (QC) to HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Unleashing a futuristic model with an efficient pay-per-use solution hosted on the Cloud.

Automate and Accelerate infrastructure provisioning schedule, deployment and management of Test Environment.

eConvergence integrates with the existing test tools such as HPQC, HPALM, RQM, SharePoint and provides an advanced toolset to enhance how we can interact and report on the test data.

Tech Mahindra's core banking testing solution to increase Test Case Design Productivity and thus reduce overall Test Case Life Cycle Time.

Uncovering Testing Issues Consistently across all the environments!.

Flexibility, Scalability, Standardization – Guaranteed!.

iAF is Tech Mahindra's flagship automation framework that provides high quality test automation at reduced costs.

Get guidance from the best in software testing.

White Papers

There’s a growing need for convergent offerings by various service providers offering services in silos.

Tech Mahindra Testing capabilities

Presenting new frontiers with next-gen Quality Assurance. Download the brochure to get the details.

Tech Mahindra Mainframe Testing Capabilities

Our unique solution helps you shift the mainframe testing to lower cost platforms. Download the brochure to get more details.
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