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Mobile Application Security Testing - mobiVIGIL

Current Business Problems:

The use of smart phones and mobile applications has significantly increased in the last few years. With the advent of 3G and 4G networks smart phones are increasingly used for financial, business and social transactions, for accessing the Internet and for media consumption. However, the security threats associated with smart phones and for the applications installed in them are quite high. Safety of end user downloading and installing mobile applications, which are distributed through mobile application stores, is a security issue. The mobile application stores need to ensure safe and secure mobile application experience to their customers. Security testing of mobile applications thus becomes an important requirement along with reduced test cycle time.

Security Test Offering:

  • Automated Mobile Application Security Tests - mobiVIGIL
    • We provide automated security testing of mobile applications for different mobile platforms using a cloud based solution known as mobiVIGIL.
    • The mobile applications can be uploaded or locations of mobile applications to be tested can be provided to mobiVIGIL.
    • A total of 16 categories of automated security tests are performed for various embedded malwares (including embedded spywares, trojans, viruses) and malicious intents in mobile applications (including data privacy issue, data leakage, privilege sms and mms, resource exhaustion, location and tracking, unsolicited network connections, etc.).
    • Reports and results are provided in an automated manner with mechanisms to integrate mobiVIGIL application testing interfaces with MDM and various mobile App Test Factories
  • Dynamic Profile and Behavior Security Tests
    • Mobile applications are dynamically analyzed and tested in lab with various security tools.
    • These tests verify security issues including hidden data transfer, unsafe data storage, insecure data transmission, resource exhaustion, insecure file system and database changes, privilege access violations, etc.
    • Reports and results are analyzed for each mobile application.

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