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Posted by: Ojas Save On August 21, 2014 05:18 PM facebook linked in twitter

The challenges to implementing Analytics initiatives are not technological, or have very little to do with the availability of data. We have seen two major impediments, the first being that data is present in siloes and is not shared as much and as frequently as you would want it to be. The second challenge is the absence of good analytical talent - those who understand the domain as well as understand statistical regression, those who can spot causal relationships from amongst the many spurious correlations present in the data. We have taken cognizance of the fact that deep domain knowledge needs to be married to the technology in order to solve the problems thrown up by big Data. So we invest in the human element of Big Data. We have started an academy that is churning out Data Scientists who are solving complex analytical problems for customers across industries.

So what is a Data Scientist? We have all seen that well known Venn diagram. One circle represents Mathematical and Statistical knowledge. Another represents tool expertise and the third represents domain and business knowledge. Data Scientists sit at one or two or all three intersections of these circles, and can usually specialize in one or two. Consequently, our academy has three learning tracks:

Business Track

   • Simplifying Big Data Analytics Technologies for the Business

  • Disruptive Technologies and the Industry Opportunity (by Industry Segment)

  • Solution Selling Big Data

Analytics Track

Provide consultative approach to address business challenge leveraging analytical techniques and tools





  • Big Data Analytics & the Data Scientist

  • Developing future curriculum – Vertical Specific Big Data Analytics program

  • Vendor Training –GreenPlum, Splunk, Cloudera, StatsSoft, Revolutionary-R, Autonomy, Reach

Technology Track

Enable our key technologists to improve their disruptive technology skills and support big data sales





  • Core Hadoop, R, Weka, SAS, Statsfot

  • Big Data Solution Architecture Principles; Hybrid Big Data Analytics Architectures

  • Solutioning and case development using Big Data Analytics

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