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Automation Needs Assessment and Recommended Solutions

Posted by: Ish Kumar On October 19, 2015 10:50 AM facebook linked in twitter

For those contemplating the need and merits of test automation in their respective applications, they need to answer some key questions

1) Is it really worth doing automation in the application

2) If it is worth, what type of automation (activities to be automated) should be pursued?

3) For the activities to be automated, what is the recommended solution to use?

To make life easy for all those who want to join the main stream of automation, IBG-TUS-02 Testing CoE has created "Application Profiling Framework – Automation". This is a simple to use excel based tool which has been derived from the experience of multiple SMEs who have evaluated over 200 applications – across diverse technologies and domains" - to decide whether test automation is really worth and if it is, which type of activities are worth automating.

Application Profiling Framework – Automation:  This is an easy to use tool wherein, for some of the key questions, application team member can choose responses from the available options. Don't worry. This framework won't make you think and write your responses. Just quickly choose from the options to know whether your application is recommended for automation, what automation approaches are recommended and which tools can help you achieve the recommended automation strategy.

This tool is designed in a way so that one can have analysis for one application at a time or have a bird eye view of several applications in a large size testing program

Inputs from Application teams in the profiling framework

Automation Testing Application

Recommendations generated from the tool

Automation Testing Application

Performance Measurement Tools:  During the course of execution one would be interested in tracking the performance and outcome of automation initiatives. One would also be interested in knowing how as an organization testing teams are delivering on the key business objectives against which customers awarded testing engagements to TechM. To track these and several other objectives, CoE has defined trackers which bring significant ease in tracking and reporting the progress. Some of the trackers are listed below

1) Automation Progress Tracker

2) Automation SLA Tracker

3) Program SLA Tracker

4) QES Platform for process automation

5) Platform for testing estimates submission, approvals and invoicing

6) Program Performance Heat Map

  Automation Testing Performance

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