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Bots Redefining the Future of Customer Experience

Posted by: A B Jambunathan On December 29, 2017 11:34 AM facebook linked in twitter

In the past, our systems could only recognize keywords and fetch rule-based standardized solutions or answers. The computer was always doing document retrieval and helping us sift through our e-mails. However, that’s not the case any longer as advanced chatbots bring the capability to offer frictionless solutions as they understand human intent and context thanks to AI.

Almost 85% of consumers will transact with companies that offer a superior experience. This translates to the entire customer journey when it comes to interaction with the business migrating to a bot-based resolution at every step of the way. It means providing an experience that is always there at the customer’s beck and call, never making the customer wait, and always personalizing as per the customer’s needs.

So before moving further, let’s see what is a Chatbot?

In simple words, chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with end users or customers using artificial intelligence. They can transform the way you interact with the internet from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation.

In today’s time, customers are digital savvy & are connected to various devices – laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. They are on the lookout for information and seek new avenues to find answers. They can do so at any time of their choosing and from anywhere as per their feasibility.

They feel more comfortable to self-serve rather than waiting for somebody to assist. From a business perspective, organizations are looking to provide seamless customer experience and are on the way to transform their business operations.

To cater these issues, Tech Mahindra came up with a unique solution to provide seamless CX in the digital world. CareXa is Tech Mahindra’s Digital Customer Experience Management framework. Tech Mahindra has always intended to just provide exceptional CX for their customers & customers’ customer, hence the name was given as CareXa meaning ‘Care Xtra’.

Tech Mahindra’s Entellio is a self-learning NLP/AIML based enterprise Chatbot designed to replace today's mobile self-care applications. Entellio (Enterprise Intelligence) is the next-gen solution for customer interactions, which enables enterprises to provide a superlative customer experience to their customers.

Chatbot Entellio is one among the seven pillars of CareXa framework which consists of other pillars like Omnichannel CX, VIVR, Video Kiosk, Email, Live Chat, Actionable Analytics, Intelligent Automation.

But how exactly will it redefine or transfigure the customer experience?

Here are some ways through which Bots with artificial intelligence are raising the bar for customer experiences.

“On a conversation, you expect an immediate response. Major advances in real-time data availability are making these outcomes possible.” — Pietro Casella

AI Bots helps in streamlining the calling process by prioritizing as per customer needs and routing them to the appropriate live agent based on their issues. So, the customer need not wait for long which leads to rich and fulfilling experience.

Let’s look at some scenarios where Chatbots can be deployed across domains in various functions to radically transform Customer Experience:

  • Telco customers are maximizing customer satisfaction while driving higher ARPUs, operations productivity, and stronger margins using conversational AI.
  • • It is increasing efficiency across the insurance value chain in Healthcare, Property, Casualty, and Underwriting.
  • Conversational banking is emerging as a new frontier for businesses looking to implement biometrics, bitcoin, and robo-advisors.
  • Chatbots are creating a simpler, friendlier, and more cost-effective healthcare ecosystem using HIPAA-compliant conversational AI platform.
  • Driving high-touch and low-cost shopper engagement in Retail.

The future ahead for Chatbots in businesses

Intelligent virtual assistants built on these conversational AI platforms are going to help business to intermingle with devices, Customers, Suppliers, Services, etc. These intelligent virtual assistants built on AI conversational platforms can be taught while they continue to learn every day.

At Tech Mahindra, we are building many meaningful conversational bots suited for different domains resulting in significant cost benefits. This trend is expected to accelerate more by 2018.

Further advances in Chatbots will usher in a new era of Digital self-learning and Customer Experience. It’s a truly exciting time for businesses looking to introduce Conversational Marketing and Frictionless Authentication through bots, virtual agents, digital employees and intelligent assistants.

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A B Jambunathan, a versatile software professional and CX consultant with immense experience in Customer journeys creation, Big Data Analytics , Natural Language processing and CX enabling Technology environment.

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