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Buffer Rage is Real

Posted by: Malhar Barai On March 28, 2016 03:53 PM facebook linked in twitter

Buffer rage

Buffer Rage! Many exclaimed at these words when we quoted a recent report during an internal meet. For starters, it is the rage that occurs when you are waiting for the content to load and see the ‘buffering’ message.

What is causing Buffer Rage?

According to this report by Ineoquest, we are witnessing more buffer rage owing to the recent trend of cord cutting. More households are turning in to OTT services, thereby pushing networks to provide them with a heavy and constant bandwidth for content delivery. According to the networks:

1. Nearly 51% of the viewers subscribing to such services face buffer rage and more than 55% blame it on poor internet connections.

2. The biggest concern for viewers was the inability of the platform to launch content instantaneously. About 27% of the respondents stated that buffering happens even before the video starts and nearly 40% will wait only for 10 seconds before abandoning the session.

3. The enormity of problem can be gauged by the fact that 1 in 3 which is 34% of the viewers under the age of 35 experience more buffer rage than road rage.

Our own analysis often indicates that there are multiple inflection points to viewers experiencing buffer rage. These points are not only limited to poor internet connection but also due to the type of OTT platforms being used by providers. In the race to offer an OTT solution, many of the providers miss out on running tests on various devices at different speeds.

This can be substantiated by the fact that 58% of the users face buffering issues while watching on their mobile devices. The other factors adding to buffer rage were mid-video buffering and buffering during a sports event broadcast.

We believe that with more sophisticated video forms coming, like UHD and 4k viewing, providers and networks will have to upgrade their services. This could be a great opportunity to service providers like Tech Mahindra who have invested in creating an end-to-end content delivery platform.

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