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Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI&CD) in NextGen Managed Services

Posted by: Ramanan Veeranan On February 15, 2019 03:54 PM facebook linked in twitter

Customer organizations have their deep investments into various tool-sets starting from requirement gathering, development, build management, testing, release management and service management etc. The common challenge across the organizations is that all these tools end up working in silo which makes the entire release management process either manual or automated in pockets.

This blog talks about Tech Mahindra’s experience in providing NextGen managed services using AWS services and how it truly differentiated and brought value to a customer thru’ automating their entire release management process. The customer is a leading publisher with a key line of revenue critical applications that include digital education products and operational back office services that support a growing number of students and instructors globally.

The customer had the following challenges with their release management process.

  • Larger deployment cycle time – More than 3-4 hours for a complex application deployment resulting into impacting application availability and performance.
  • More time to roll-back challenges resulting into extending the planned outage window thus impacting availability.
  • Manual efforts needed to configure some of their 3rd party tools
  • The 3rd party tools deployed were limiting the customer’s ability to auto scale the instances often resulting into an over-provisioned and underutilized infrastructure thus increasing the AWS consumption cost.
  • High chances of manual error

Solutions Provided

  • Design Release Practice: TechM worked with customer to design release practices for their product deployment. The strategies include utilizing developing a unique CI/CD solution and also zero down time deployment using blue-green deployment method. These strategies have been extremely successful in building confidence with customer organization and their various teams including Engineering, Infra Ops, quality etc. TechM now executes virtually every product release as a trusted solutions Partner.
  • Implement CI/CD Solution: TechM has developed a unique CI/CD solution utilizing native cloud services to replace the existing datacenter oriented deployment process. It is a combination of best of breed open source solutions and custom scripts tailored to meet customer requirements. Configuration management has been completely automated using scripts and tools.
  • Tool-sets used: Code Build (MS Build, Maven and Packer), Deployment (Jenkins, AWS Code Commit, AWS CloudFormation etc.) & AWS Autoscaling.

Value delivered using blue green deployment approach include

  • Optimized Cost and Performance
  • No Manual errors
  • Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Minimized Deployment risk
  • Faster Deployment
  • Effective Rollback option and
  • Efficient Traffic Redirection.

Organizations can take this approach of using a combination of AWS cloud native services and proven open source tool sets to build their complete CI/CD environment. While an end-end CI/CD environment helps to automate the entire release process, we also suggest to use the “Blue Green” deployment method to ensure there is no availability or performance impact to the application and also would be able to quickly roll-back to address any issues with the new code rolled out in Production.

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Ramanan Veeranan - AVP, AWS Practice & Delivery Head, Tech Mahindra

Ramanan Veeranan brings with him over 20 years of rich experience spread across IT application, Infrastructure & cloud services. He is responsible for building solutions and delivery leadership of AWS cloud services globally. He has extensive experience in executing large scale cloud transformation engagements for enterprise customers.

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