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CSPs to become Web-Scale?

Posted by: Sakthi Charan B On February 26, 2018 12:53 PM facebook linked in twitter

This holds true not just for species but also for businesses. Over the years, we have seen businesses change every 10 years, to every year, to every month now and going forward, probably at the end of an hour. Isn’t it time, that we all gather our thoughts together at the MWC’18 and try & foresee what the CSP of the Future looks like? What is it that they need to respond to?

The Mobile World Congress lists – ‘Future Services Provider’ as one of its many themes. Operators will and have to address the question of where and how to compete in future. There are a multiple ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of technologies and of business models, but at Tech Mahindra, we believe the CSPs of the Future are those that can #UnlockExperiences for their customers! In simple words, customers will flock to Service Providers primarily for a Connected Living, and if the experience is good, customers will stick around and demand more.

Although it’s easier said than done, the CSPs of today will have to look at companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, to match the experience that they offer to their customers. A CSP of the Future will have to become a truly Web-Scale company that is Agile, Scalable, Flexible and Intelligent, so that it will be able to respond to change and remain relevant. The question then changes to – is this future really in sight? And how?

CSPs have always been known as connectivity players. But what is it with some of the largest players calling themselves Software companies, and no longer as Telco OpCos? Is Software the new lifeline in enabling CSPs to deliver connected experiences?

This is where Tech Mahindra’s core business strategy, the 3-4-3 Strategy for CSPs, focuses on Software Transformation as a Big Bet…where we position a conglomerate of technologies like Microservices, AI-ML, RPA, Analytics, Digital BSS, as the key enablers of CSPs turning into their web-scale twins!

More on this…at the MWC’18! Have a great day ahead…

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Sakthi Charan B, Strategic Initiatives - Communications, Tech Mahindra

Sakthi is a young TechMighty, part of one of the flagship programs at Tech Mahindra – the AIM Sales & Leadership Development program. He now works for the Central team driving Strategic Initiatives for Tech Mahindra’s Communications business. He is an avid blogger and you may reach out to him at @thought_shakthi

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