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Cloud for the “Small” Business and the “Big” Business of Cloud

Posted by: Atul Shah On June 13, 2014 02:40 PM facebook linked in twitter

Worldwide the volume (number and users) of SMEs/SMBs are just mind boggling. They constitute about 2/3rds of the overall businesses in most countries. It is no co-incidence and everyone in the business of cloud has begun to rethink their strategies to sell their services to this segment of customers.

But will the Cloud really help the small businesses to overcome some of their existing challenges? The answer for this will always be “depends”. Depends on – nature of business, priority of the business, state of the business and vision of the business.

The cloud does give small businesses one big advantage – the ability to achieve at par technological sophistication compared to their bigger competitors for a fraction of the cost and effort.

For a small business the services are available for every part of the business e.g. Infrastructure, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing etc. To name a few example services there are - Hosting services like Dreamhost ; Storage and File services like Dropbox ; Billing /invoicing programs like FreshBooks. Sales and CRM from Salesforce. Payroll tools like Intuit; Business productivity apps from Microsoft or Google.

All these services without having to buy, install and maintain hardware and software with the ability to start using these services almost immediately.

You but sit back and wonder about the cloud for the “small” businesses and think about the “big” business of cloud.

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