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Connected Experiences at SAP Leonardo Live

Posted by: Suryanarayana JVS On July 06, 2017 05:28 PM facebook linked in twitter

There are countless studies on the potential of Internet of Things (IoT). We at Tech Mahindra believe that IoT enables new and innovative experiences that have otherwise not been possible. Come visit us at the SAP Leonardo Live, where we will be demonstrating a small portfolio of our IoT solutions. Find out how IoT can help you craft unique experiences and transform the way you run your operations.

Asset Experience

IoT unlocks insights from asset activity—across movable and non-movable ones. A case in point is where we have connected sensors that enable condition-based monitoring of industrial motors, which detect anomalies for predictive maintenance. Tech Mahindra is enabling Connected Operations by bringing together a disparate set of processes and systems to achieve true IT-OT integration. Ask us how we helped leading manufacturers unlock new shop floor experiences by giving plant managers end-to-end visibility and insight into the performance of all their assets.

Citizen Experience

By connecting things, we can dramatically improve citizen experiences. Tech Mahindra’s Smart Cities and IoT capabilities are improving the lives of millions of citizens across the globe. We have worked with a leading hospital chain to remotely monitor various vital signs of patients, irrespective of where they are, helping them recover faster. We are also working with city governments across the globe by giving city planners and administrators a bird’s eye view to make cities smarter, cleaner, and safer through various connected solutions.

Business Experience

IoT empowers businesses to explore new business models such as Servicification. Tech Mahindra has worked with companies across various domains to discover new revenue streams. We have worked with a leading aircraft manufacturer to create new value-added services to their aircraft. Our solution tracks various parameters while an aircraft is in flight, so that important issues can be addressed as soon as it lands at its destination, thus improving turnaround time and asset utilization.

Interested in how Connected Experiences can help your business? Join us at SAP Leonardo Live on 11th and 12th July at Booth No 3, Level 0, Kap Europa Congress Center, Frankfurt, Germany

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Suryanarayana JVS, Business Manager, IoT

Surya is based in Noida, India and is part of the IoT team. He focuses on Business Development and is the Partner Business Manager for SAP. He is interested in traveling, reading and technology.

Follow him at @suryajayanthy

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