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Smart Offers: Connecting with the Customer

Posted by: Haresh Gowri On April 07, 2017 12:26 PM facebook linked in twitter

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you plan to travel to your favourite destination and you get personalized offers on the way that you are looking for or that suits your requirements?

In this cutthroat competition, it is becoming increasing difficult to address the demanding needs of the customers and retain ones market share. In order to do so it is of utmost importance for the enterprises to curve out a plan and a solution that provide personalized offers to the customers which would lead to higher conversion of the offers and in turn lead to customer loyalty. Personalization entails a personalized approach to customer engagement.

Tech Mahindra Smart Offers Platform brings in cutting-edge technology innovation, massive internet scale external data already collected along with developed algorithms to assist in Segmentation, Content Management and Mail integration and building a revolutionary “Taste Graph” view of the customers to assist in providing relevant and personalized choices to them.

Platform is not limited to offers but covers all personalized marketing actions as a whole where mobile app and other application integration (other channels) are part of the offering.

Smart Offers helps airlines to create a helpful travel assistant that knows what a customer need before they start their travel by combining internal and external data with mobile—helping people through airports, in-destination, and right throughout the whole travel journey.

The platform brings together all sorts of different silos of booking and passenger information from data ware house, web and mobile behaviour (including searches, visits, abandoned carts), email data, social media, weather forecasts to create a 360 degree view of the customer. Thus, the platform leverages Big Data to personalize the passenger experience leading to not only better conversion rates, but also increased customer satisfaction.
Connecting with Customer 
Tech Mahindra Smart Offers Platform brings in intelligence for marketing on the following lines - Right Product, Right People, Right Time and Right Channel.

Travel brands now have an enormous chance to finally secure the level of loyalty they have been looking for. By utilizing contextual data to make snapshots of astonishment and pleasure for their clients, carriers will fabricate an enthusiastic association with travellers. This association has evaded the travel business for a considerable length of time, however now an ever increasing number of brands are making it a reality.

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Haresh Gowri, Platform Owner, Smart Offers & MDS

Haresh Gowri, a business savvy software professional with over a decade of versatile experience with leadership focus in Fintech & Digital Trends. Young CEO holding P&L ownership and managing end to end responsibilities of a data management platform, Big Data analytics platform and newer Growth areas.

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