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Connecting the world through Football!

Posted by: Team TechMahindra On July 03, 2014 10:08 AM facebook linked in twitter

In the US, they call it soccer. The rest of the world calls it football. But this year the Football World Cup frenzy is catching up in US too, where soccer doesn’t normally score big. As their team progressed to the round-of-16, viewing parties have popped up across the US. And you know it’s a hit in Washington when President Barack Obama, a basketball-fan, rallies around the team with a special viewing in the White House!

Nearly 25 million viewers in US tuned in to watch their last game against Belgium, astonishingly more than the mainstays of the US sporting landscape like NBA finals or baseball’s World Series or American football. And sports broadcasters across the globe have used considerable resources to promote the World Cup and will continue to flood media with promotion.

This fever has spread not only in the US. Today the entire world is singing one song – “WE ARE ONE”. The game of football has indeed connected all with a common string, namely – “the spirit of football”

Even on the web, the beautiful game is a hit, with more than 1.2 billion searches and counting. World Cup fever in Brazil has spread like wildfire across the globe. At Tech Mahindra we are helping to build a connected world through the game that connects every nation on this planet.

In 2008, Tech Mahindra group company CanvasM provided to UEFA a unique mobile service which offered consumers across the world for the first time a near real time update on all key events during any UEFA games like Champions League/ UEFA cup or EURO. As part of the service a football fan could choose and register for a game or follow their club and get video or text alerts of the match at real time on the mobile phone, from anywhere in the world.

In 2014, Tech Mahindra has built on its legacy of South Africa and provided technology solutions that involves minimal hardware and can be re-used at other events as well as manage the high traffic on the FIFA website which typically reaches its peak just before and during the World Cup event.

In 2010, while Tech Mahindra helped organize the mammoth event seamlessly as one of the key sponsors, in 2014, we have emerged as trustworthy trendsetters who connect the world in the most viewed game across the world.

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