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Convergence of Physical and Digital –  For Real Customer Experiences

Posted by: Jagdish Mitra On September 15, 2017 05:06 PM facebook linked in twitter

Customer eXperience (CX) is a top priority for businesses today with digital customers coming of age and asking for more. Over the next three years, 55% of modern enterprise businesses will implement some form of machine learning, 47% will use Chatbots, and 40% will deploy virtual personal assistants for their customers.

It will pave the way for transforming every product or offering into a brand-new customer experience. However, even after we consider digital customer engagement as part of the new world order, physical engagement cannot be ruled out. This is where disruptive digital technologies are coming into play by imparting intelligence into physical objects and spaces while connecting them with customers digitally.

Innovation driven by customer-centricity

Amazon Go with their futuristic grocery stores is turning a new leaf in the way we understand customer-centricity in a physical environment. It allows shoppers to “scan” into the physical store using the Amazon app and then walk out with the selected items, doing online payments. This technology automatically lets them scan and log all selected items and directly bills it to their Amazon account. This eliminates the dreaded waiting time and works out as a great incentive and for all shoppers to re-visit the store.

New digital technologies can work out many such possibilities and help reinvent the CX story so that you live up to the expectations of today’s digital natives.

Know your digital customers:

Digital Footprints

Mash-up of physical and digital re-inventing the CX curve

The future points to everything physical getting connected with consumers, blurring our physical and digital worlds. Thanks to this trend, customers will move into a unique space where IoT, wearables, and big data will converge and create new unique experiences. However, in this whole melee of connecting everything to everyone at times we fail to ask some important questions - Are we simply creating new connections, or are they truly relevant and meaningful to customers?

The journey to a great connected customer experience starts with a sound business strategy. Right research and insights through Design Thinking can address the right change in business process to deliver a superior experience design model. By applying the power of technologies and platforms like AI, Analytics, and Big Data along with lean operations we can create meaningful contextual customer experiences.

A good example in this regard is how the UP Police, Mahindra Defence and Tech Mahindra came together to provide a promise of safety for 220 million citizens of Uttar Pradesh through UP100 - the World’s Largest Integrated Emergency Response Centre saving more than 460 lives in the last 3 months.

For one of the large automobile brands in the US, Tech Mahindra enabled a virtual showroom experience for customers to experience the car.

The uses are not limited to only the customer side; companies are using technology to run their businesses more efficiently. A leading property insurance company is using drones for their assessment of real estate assets.

Bio agency helped a leading bike manufacturer in UK who needed to transform, from an offline business, to an omnichannel connected experience built around customers. Their entire e-commerce site was redesigned and streamlined to add more interactivity. They were now able to cut the checkout time in half and the newly introduced online video content brought more return visitor footfalls into the stores. This gave a big boost to their sales through online innovations on the mobile, while connecting them with in-store experiences resulting in increase in sales by 14.3%.

You’ll do more harm than good if your digital strategy is just about pushing products, deals, and offers down the throat of your customers. Today, customers demand greater contextual intuition from any interface they are interacting with.

We must also understand that CX can work magic if you have something meaningful to offer. At Tech Mahindra, with the combined power of the Legendary Italian Design firm Pininfarina and digital change agents The BIO Agency, we are enabling convergent experiences for our customers in Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Financial Services, and many other industries worldwide.

By unlocking the power of data through Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can help create an amazing brand journey for customers. Through data, we can ensure, the customer facing interface - physical as well as online is truly intuitive. By a truly intuitive interface, we mean acquiring analytics capabilities to understand customer context for delivering a far superior experience.

It is thus essential for businesses to understand where in the value chain they can make the experience more meaningful and memorable. Is your digital strategy intuitive enough to lead your customer journey through contextual intelligence?

Reference: Garter 2017, McKinsey, Business Insider, idx: Digital transformation

About Author

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy and Marketing officer - Head Growth factories, Tech Mahindra

Jagdish Mitra heads the Strategy for Tech Mahindra and is responsible for new growth business at Tech Mahindra. He served as the CEO of CanvasM, the mobility unit of Tech Mahindra and a joint venture with Motorola that was founded in 2006 and also headed the Large Deals Business of Tech Mahindra before taking up this role.

Jagdish has over 20 years of IT experience in the areas of business development and marketing in the global information services market. He has handled several responsibilities within Tech Mahindra for the last 20 years, including opening up new markets like North America, Middle East and Asia along with the Global Marketing function and has been actively involved in building several strategic business relationships with key accounts for Tech Mahindra worldwide. Jagdish holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications from Birla Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of London.

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