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Cricket World Cup 2015: Review of Australia vs Pakistan via Socio

Posted by: Socio Team On March 24, 2015 06:24 PM facebook linked in twitter

Cricket is a religion in India and with the World Cup going on in Australia & New Zealand; the excitement has reached at feverish peak. At Tech Mahindra, we decided to analyze viewer sentiment via the Socio platform during the Australia vs Pakistan quarter-finals.


Via the social media monitoring feature in the platform, we were able to look at the overall buzz. We observed that the buzz was pretty high during the time when the Wahab vs Watson contest was on.

But an overall analysis of the match over various social media platforms showed us lot of chatter happening on Twitter. The conversations on Twitter far outpaced other platforms.

There was this interesting information on the demographics too. While Pakistan obviously dominated the conversations, there was lot more participation from India. This could be because the winner of this match was supposed to face India in semi-finals.

We then got into understanding the most famous players of the match. Wahab Riaz and Shane Watson indeed stood out from the rest.

Finally a quick peek into the audience demographic showed us that on match day, conversation on social platforms were dominated by youngsters with over 50% participation in the 13-30 year age bracket.

This match was quite exciting and gave us interesting audience insights.

We are coming with more analysis and with the semi-finals and final over this week; it is going to be a busy week for the Socio Platform team here.

If you would want to know more about the platform, write to us in comments below or drop us an email.

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exciting and insightful stuff! awaiting more...

Posted by:saurav | 3/25/2015 10:40:28 AM

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