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David and Goliath in the New World Order

Posted by: Jagdish Mitra On November 10, 2016 06:41 PM facebook linked in twitter

Today’s IT industry has been turned upside down. And those companies that can adapt, evolve and become more agile will have a significant competitive edge. But it’s no longer the size of an enterprise that’s the determining factor in who wins and who loses.

What do I mean? Let’s look at the story of David and Goliath as an analogy, as well as an introduction to our strategic approach to every solution, engagement, and customer interaction.

Goliath was a giant Philistine warrior that had everything going for him, every advantage possible. He had great ability, and was trained, equipped, experienced, battle-tested, and hardened. He was completely fearless and was totally confident in his strength… maybe overconfident.

David had no armor, experience, or equipment. He was not battle-tested, or trained. But one thing he had was confidence in His God. Legend has it that David picked up five stones, but only needed one to slay the giant, hitting him squarely on the forehand, and toppling him forward in victory.

If we were to apply this analogy to the IT world, you might think that David represents the smaller companies, such as startups, looking to slay the Goliaths of the world, the established, much bigger organizations. But, in today’s upside down IT world, it’s the more traditional and bigger companies that are under siege by much smaller newcomers. It’s no longer size or strength that rules the world. It’s the power of agility. And even the largest of organizations are being slung fatal blow by fatal blow.

What’s today’s “David” to do?

At Tech Mahindra, we believe the future is ours, if we believe in IT and bring out the “DAVID” in our clients. Furthering this analogy, we embrace five “stones” that are the pillars of our strategic approach. Every part of our journey will be guided by DAVID…

Digital will be an aspect of every solution as we continue to assist our clients in their evolution. In this industry, digital represents our biggest transformation ever, from “IT to DT.”

Automation brings greater efficiencies and productivity to any process. We must remain committed to making the mantra of “faster, cheaper, better” with greater employee productivity a true reality.

Verticalization refers to our domain knowledge, including sub-vertical components and functions. This means leveraging our substantial practical expertise in major industries to solve real business problems.

Innovation must be a part of every endeavor. This includes everything from robots to fintech, and more. It also means applying these new technologies to business processes in a way never before done.

Disruption doesn’t just mean changing things up for our clients, but also within our own organization. We need to disrupt ourselves too, and partner with disrupters, such as startups and new thinkers.

Putting DAVID to work

As we approach every customer engagement, DAVID will pervade three critical objectives: improve efficiency, create disruption, and impact performance.  DAVID will enable our customers drive their business more efficiently, change their business models with digital re-imagination and grow the business with disruptive innovation.

In future blogs, I’ll guide you through each individual pillar of our DAVID strategy in much greater detail, including case study examples. It’s our hope that it will be just what your organization needs to slay today’s agile giants.

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