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DevOps Ready Automated Test Execution and Management Platform

Posted by: Ish Kumar On August 25, 2015 10:51 AM facebook linked in twitter

With IT adopting Agile and XP to accelerate roll out of functionalities in production, Operations are looking for stable releases providing improved customer experience. With these conflicting, yet converging, expectations, industry is fast embracing DevOps.

As part of the DevOps framework TechM has adopted, one of the key component is "Continuous Testing". Real value of automated test cases would come if IT organization gets to execute them – automatically – at the trigger of various events. These events could be – Continuous Integration (CI) solution deploying a new build on test environment; tester wanting to schedule executions at a certain time (or schedule recurring executions); developer deploying defect fix on test environment and several others.

To enable DevOps, TechM has developed "Continuous Test Management" Platform.

Automation Testing - Devops

Continuous Test Management

Continuous Test Management (CTM) Platform – TechM CTM, hosted as a platform -leverages D2E framework - enables centralized management of executions of automation suites of multiple applications. Some of the features CTM provides to the applications hosted

1) Update of test results (along with proof of testing) in Test Management solutions like HP QC/ALM

2) Email Notifications

3) Scheduled Batch Executions

4) On Demand Executions

5) Event triggered executions (eg. On build deployments)

6) Role Based Access

7) Detailed Test Execution results

8) Reflective Causal Analysis

9) Execution Dashboards

10) Integrated Reports

11) Integration with test data and virtualization solutions

12) Ability to integrate an existing automation framework (and its existing automated test suites) without having testing teams to redo their automation effort

Automated Batch Executions

For different application, test scriptsare logically grouped together in a Batch for automated execution - On Demand, at Scheduled times or whenever Build gets deployed on QA environment to enabled continuous testing.

Accelerated Benefits

1) > 50% reduction in test execution cycle time

2) 99.5% Phase containment of defects

3) Increased ROI

Way Forward – Transforming the Software Development Methodology

TechM has always pioneered the development and rollout of automation solution. To further deliver on the business objectives of its customers, TechM is significantly enhancing its test automation solutions to bring in significant synergies in software development and software testing. By doing so, it believe it will be able to transform software development methodology by

1) Reducing defect seepage from coding phase itself

2) Enabling accelerated development

3) Eliminating redundant phases/efforts of testing, further bringing down cost of testing.

A lot is happening to keep our testing solutions up to date to help us remain competitive for next 2-3 years. Be it developing new solutions; or evaluation of tools like - IBM RTC, HP Agile Manager, Collabnet; or developing a holistic integration approach of these tools; or creating a unique solution over some of these COTS products; one thing is sure – This team is defining the Next Wave.

If you are equally passionate about creating niche solutions and would want to be a part of building industry wide success stories, we are waiting to hear from you.

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