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How Digital Transformation & Innovation is bringing patients, physicians, and Life Sciences companies closer?

Posted by: Kirti Kakad On November 29, 2017 01:07 PM facebook linked in twitter

Use of digital technologies is rapidly increasing in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Companies are embarking on Digital Health Journeys, helping patients to:

  • identify symptoms through improved patient communication, digital information dissemination,
  • look up doctors/ physicians and book appointments through apps,
  • conduct diagnosis based on conversations in doctor-patient digital communities.
  • pick up the right treatment options through online physician consultation,
  • manage conditions/ treatment through digital devices & apps to track drug compliance & adherence, and
  • build digital health & support communities for patients to share experiences & recommend treatment alternatives

A few recent examples of such innovations are:

Wearable Devices

Commonly used as health & fitness trackers or as a communication gadget or to sync data from other devices but they are now being used to monitor & track specific health issues faced by patients/ caregivers. For example,

EchoWear – a smartwatch technology for voice and speech treatments of patients with Parkinson’s disease

BeLive by Pfizer – a device for patients suffering from chronic pain condition. This device enables patients to track pain intensity, anxiety, and sleep quality, in real time for better self-management. Digital innovations like these are not only enabling better patient care but also helping physicians in getting real-time patient information which can help them in personalized treatments

Mimo baby monitor by Rest Device’s Inc – a device that tracks babies' breathing, body movements, sleep patterns and quality and sends all of this information in real time to an app

Mobile Apps

This great but now ubiquitous technology innovation has made our busy lives, simplified and easier. Right from banking, utility bill payments, sharing and connecting, communicating to commuting, managing businesses, customer care and so on. There is more to this these days and increasingly so. Life Sciences companies are now developing apps that can help patients overcome certain disorders or enable easier access to medication or track & monitor patient treatment journey or even help in parenting. Some of the examples of innovative apps are:

Aozora - J&J's Janssen launched a mobile app for people with ADHD to minimize medication error & track prescription adherence by the patients. A similar app called as Deprexis – helping patients overcome depression.

Day-by-Day by AstraZeneca helping heart patients in faster recovery from life-threatening experiences.

SmartQuit – GSK mobile app, that helps smokers to order nicotine patches and helping them to quit smoking by themselves.

Nod™: The Digital Baby Sleep Coach by J&J - first smart, personal baby sleep coaching system that helps parents get their babies to sleep better.

Digital Communities

Novartis launched a dedicated online social community called as Together in HF, for heart failure patients and caregivers. The community enables patients to share their experiences and discuss with peers for better living.

Bayer’s Grants4Apps Accelerator which provides mentoring to digital health start-ups in order to develop innovative health technology solutions for patients or healthcare professionals.

Digital is undoubtedly changing the way in which Life Sciences & Healthcare companies are enabling patient care and changing the way patients are leveraging this medium for treatment. Hence, there is a need such organizations to:

  • Enable & empower patients to track, monitor and share their health information
  • Create patient-centric mobile-based apps/ devices
  • Help physicians to remotely monitor patient health by enabling access to real-time patient data
  • Plan multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns as patient tend to engage across different platforms
  • Develop patient or therapy centric digital communities for personalized patient care

Life Sciences & Healthcare companies should now be more patient-centric viz-a-viz also being physician-centric via digital adoption right from the outset!

Disclaimer: The blog is only for informational purpose and should not be constructed as an offer to buy or sell. References made in this article are completely based on the information published and shared on public domain. By mentioning the products/ services in the article, Tech Mahindra does not hold any rights to recommend the products to end consumers.

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