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Managing Customer Experience with Digital Transformation

Posted by: Anivarit Agarwal On April 07, 2017 12:33 PM facebook linked in twitter

As more and more enterprises are recognizing the importance of customer experience, a large number of revolutionary initiatives are being envisaged. Enterprises understand that to retain, attract new customers and to be in business they clearly need to transform and build an edge through outstanding customer service experience. Need for this exceptional customer experience is the utmost significant reason for Enterprises to embark onto digital transformation. Today’s consumers have access to products and services from a seemingly endless number of sources. Consumer have widespread variety of devices like Smartphone, Tablets, PC’s etc. that allow anytime, anywhere content ingestion and information access. These consumers are well-informed, diverse, demanding, cost sensitive and value driven. It is evident that for managing and enhancing end customer experience, Enterprises need to digitally transform their customer service operations. Most of these are still not digitally enabled and hence they are directly affecting the end user experience.

Most of the existing customer service operations i.e. contact centres, provide support through traditional support channels like voice, email and chat, which for customers are multiple touch points operating in silos. Whereas customer expects enterprises to know and understand their problems in advance, proactively provide seamless information and solve queries. Enterprises can suffer great losses and lose valuable opportunity if they do not differentiate themselves in today’s digital world. Customer service operations being the face of the enterprise, needs to be digitally transformed to ‘relationship hubs’ than mere ‘interaction handlers’. Enterprises require a ready to use, end-to-end, and fully integrated customer service transformation solution, to achieve this objective.

Tech Mahindra believes that the advent of digital has heavily influenced the way enterprises and customers interact. Tech Mahindra has invested heavily in building unique and high-value digitally enabled platforms that can help to transform customer experience by enabling digital self-serve channels, integrating support channels and automating processes. We transform customer service operations, based on our proprietary digital customer experience transformation framework called ‘CareXa’. This consulting led modular framework comprises of multiple building blocks i.e. Omni Channel CIM including Digital Self-serve Enablers, Robotics Process Automation, Smart Analytics in conjunction with our ability to provide end to end people, process and technology services.

About the Author

Anivarit Agarwal, Pre-Sales & Solution Consultant, CareXa

Anivarit is a Pre Sales and Solution Consultant with rich experience in creating contact center solutions across key industry verticals like Telecom, BFSI, Retail etc. He is MBA in ICT and holds Engineering Degree in Computer Science. During his spare time, he likes to travel.

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