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Executive Dashboards for the CMOs of Tomorrow

Posted by: Kirti Kakad On July 10, 2018 04:39 PM facebook linked in twitter

When you think about Social Media Dashboards, what are some of the metrics that come into your mind; no. of conversations, sources of conversations, demographics, engagement & reach and oh yes, everyone’s favourite – brand sentiment! Then, there are multiple dashboards, which are used – one for a brand/ product, one for campaigns, another to track competitors, and some to identify & track influencers and so on.

All this sounds correct, and it does make sense. Now imagine a CMO, who is attending a review meeting wherein the senior management is interested in looking at real time social media data & insights, s/he may be asked to

  • throw some light on company’s live social media campaign, or
  • do a quick show of brand health viz-a-viz competition or
  • show campaign performance in terms of, spend vs conversions

Although the marketing team has everything set for regular tracking & monitoring but a CMO, during such meetings cannot keep switching between multiple dashboards. In addition, the CMO may be interested only in selected KPIs to track and see if she is able to meet the business objective or to take decisions based on the real time data. This is when Executive Dashboards come into play.

Different dashboards are set to analysis different aspects of the company; however, an Executive Dashboard is amalgamation of all the different aspects put together in one screen. This dashboard has to be strategic and meaningful such that it can help in making data driven decisions.

Creating an Executive Dashboard needs thinking and planning to ensure all the key factors are covered for a senior level executive to make decisions. One has to make sure that this dashboard brings in two important facets

  • Data Insights – Interpreting huge chunks of unstructured social data in more insightful graphs or charts which can showcase changes in the trends & patterns
  • Plan of Action – Providing recommendations or suggestions for improvement based on the insights

What is also important is that these dashboards need to be

Highly customizable and easy to use – So if an executive wants to add/ modify any of the KPIs, the system should be able to provide this feature

Accessible anytime anywhere – CMO may want to look at the dashboard insights while s/he is on the way to a conference or travelling, the dashboard should be accessible via any device

Ease access to data – While the executive dashboard will provide high-level insights but at any given point in time, the system should allow the user to drill down in the data

Offline access to dashboard/ data – The user should be able to download the dashboard in a desired format that will help in offline sharing with other users outside the system

Lastly, since social media today has become a significant part for companies, having an executive dashboard definitely helps in providing real-time high-level insights to the senior management!

About Author

Kirti Kakad, Social Media Solutions Lead

A digital marketer with over 10 years of experience. Having experience in social media set up & management, ORM, social analytics & insights, campaign management, SEO, SEM and on social media tools like Brandwatch, Sprinklr, Radian6 and so on. Worked with various organizations across teams like Corporate Strategy & Marketing, ERP Product Marketing & Communications, Social Media Services & Solutions Practise as well as with the Digital Marketing Delivery team.

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