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Freedom within Boundaries

Posted by: CP Gurnani On January 20, 2015 05:00 PM facebook linked in twitter

The most apt and original description on boundary came through Facebook where someone had posted an image which said, “A boundary is a definite place where your responsibility ends and another person’s begins”

Traditionally boundaries have been used to demarcate areas of responsibility but now those very thresholds are being crossed and joint responsibilities are being taken.

Today healthcare sector knows that it cannot rely on its own offerings to take care of the growing concerns and is relying heavily on technology to become more impactful. Similarly in area of skill development, the mould is being broken and organizations are looking for entrepreneurs while hiring. The responsibilities are getting larger but also shared and to me it’s a genesis of the New Global Context.

As we currently deliberate the emerging global context and its implications to the world we live in, it is easy to see that the roles are being redefined and nothing exists in absolute terms. The world of the past purists is now blending with dreamers, who are not only challenging the boundaries but are also in the process defining a new world order. But it is not just the romantics, along with the doers that are influencing the outcome.

I see the boundaries being challenged in a way which will define tomorrow.

I recall the first time I had heard the concept of de-centred globalism back in the year 2011 which spoke about the world moving from superpowers to regional blocks and at the time the idea had appeared unlikely. Having known the regional dominance that the west enjoyed, the idea felt far-fetched. But, over the years it has become evident that not only is the centre of control shifting its also disintegrating. Today, economists and social observers attribute the power shift towards blocks such as BRICS, ASEAN, etc. So really speaking the clusters are gaining ground and it’s a trend that will define the world in times to come. Asian Tigers are roaring in a definite manner.

Currently prominent economies are still stabilizing given the state impetus and expansions in the monetary policy. It is however not a long term solution and for economies to actually be attractive without the plastic makeovers, it is going to be essential that the boundaries be challenged to ensure inclusiveness at all levels starting with financial. Digital currencies are revitalising the financial divide and to me perhaps one of the most obvious examples of freedom within the boundaries and the amalgam the technology creates, a point reiterated by the Ponemon Institute report, which found that 79% of respondents planned to support digital currencies like Bitcoin in the future.

Rabindranath Tagore had said, “The current of the world has its boundaries, otherwise it could have no existence, but its purpose is not shown in the boundaries which restrain it, but in its movement, which is toward perfection.”

Over the next weeks as a run up to WEF and while at the Forum - I look forward to engaging with peers on what are the boundaries we set for ourselves if any and how to overcome barriers that enable our future growth.

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